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Found 39 results

  1. I had sold my sundown audio x 15 about 5 years ago. along with my rubicon 2500.1. I am now wanting to get back in the game. I have a 07 infiniti m45. Right now on stock electrical I can safely run 1296 watts. I am looking for a 1500 - 2000 rms amp. A single 15 or 18 to match that power. I will also be needing 1/0 welding cable for my runs and to do the Big 3 on this car. I am located in Fort Myers, FL 33916. If after shipping me buying your preowned amp / sub is 50$ away from me just buying it new I am not interested.
  2. Figure I'll make a thread and posts some pics and stuff of the install since stuff is almost ALL here. Waiting on 2nd XS Battery, and will start cutting wood tomorrow/Sat morning. I know she dusty, lol have a question about that... is there any like, certain oil, liquid or something that I could lightly massage into mag, surround, to clean it up? I almost was going to use the same stuff used on leather dash but wasn't sure if a terrible idea or not.
  3. So i have a Taramps HD 3k and purchased a 150 amp fuse for it because tramps recommended it. BUT, im currently running a 80 amp fuse on it and haven't blown it yet or melted it. (80x14v = around 1100) The amp does 3k watts but since i havent blown the fuse does that mean im getting 1k watts out of it ? I assume if the fuse would of popped it would mean its putting out more power than 1k rms. I have a 150 amp fuse, but havent installed it cause havent popped it yet. Got the gains about halfway on the amp. Got it hooked to a DDX10 1krms 1500 peak. It can feel slight heat from the cone when I up the volume on the head unit.
  4. Hey guys i had to make a new page my old one I forgot my email for it and etc but nevertheless I’m on the market looking to buy 2 12” subs around 2000-2500rms each sub shipped to 06105 DROP PICTURES AND PRICES
  5. Holy cow, just wanted to drop in and give y’all an update on where I’ve come with my Honda since the last time I posted here: Everything has been changed out from what I originally started with haha. Current system consists of the following: 2x Sundown Zv5 12s (one installed, waiting to get a box for the second for both) 1x Sundown Salt-6 4x Skar TX65C components 4x Skar TX65C tweeters 1x Skar Skv2-100.4 1x XS power D3400R 1x Limitless Lithium Cyber 12k 1x Mechman 240amp Alt (251 amp on birth tag) 1x Big four with double runs from alt and grounds Double runs of 0 gauge OFC to the trunk 2x SMD Dual XL fuse block 1x SMD Quad XL fuse block Sound deadned the crap out of my trunk and car. That’s basically everything I’ve done to it so far minus a few things like ELD bypass, etc. Nice thing is, even when full tilt, I NEVER, drop below 14.2v! Bare in mind this is Is with only one Zv5 hooked up running at 4ohm. My goal is to get a new box built and installed soon to run the second Zv5 that looks at me everyday in my living room while I work from home during quarantine haha. After that, I’m redoing my component sets to the D4S 65s and a Salt 200.4 when they finally drop. Also going to redo my tweeters to the Sundown SA ones and keep my Skv2-100.4 to run them. Sure have come a long way since running my single Skar EVL-10 and a Rp-1500! Here are a few pictures I have, somethings have changed a bit but, pretty close to how it’s sitting right now. If ya want any more pics or info, I’ll get some. if you have any pointers or question, lmk! I’ll be happy to answer or implement.
  6. I'm really new to car audio but I'm trying to get this all figured out. I'm currently running a setup with two Rockford Fosgate P2D2 12's running off of a Rockville db12 2000w amp on a stock electrical system. I've had this setup for a while now, but recently I've been feeling like they aren't hitting hard enough. One of the biggest issues is that some songs sound so quiet like there is almost hardly a beat in the back ground but other songs will play and my amp starts to cut out. Am i just expecting too much out of this system? I have no clue what the problem is at this point whether if its just that my amp is crappy, the amp isn't tuned right or maybe that I'm just expecting too much out of this system. Also, I've been thinking about upgrading to 2 Skar EVL-15's and a precision power 5000 watt amp in a custom box. If I were to upgrade should I also upgrade my electrical system too? Like maybe a bigger alternator, battery or capacitor? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey all, was thinking about purchasing the evl 12 loaded enclosure and was just wondering if it’s actually worth it!?
  8. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  9. Hey guys I am looking to start a new build in my 2008 Tahoe. I am set on 4 SA 15's. I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to get some ideas for an enclosure. I will have the whole trunk to work with. (Behind the rear passenger seat, third row has been removed) Any replies are appreciated !
  10. First time posting in this thread. Looking for a reliable hard pounding card audio system for around $1k. It is for a chevy Tahoe. So far I am considering getting a pair of Sundown Audio 12" 750W Dual 4-Ohm with the sundown audio 1500.1 or going with the skar audio 2000.1 monoblock (200$ cheaper). Will custom build the box accordingly and have a solid aftermarket head unit. Does this sound like a good set up for someone looking to get some extra bass from using a pair of L7s in the past?
  11. Rolling Thunder Competed in 10 Events & won 10 Awards at the 1st Why So Serious Summer 2X Event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, such a awesome weekend, I set some goals for this show & it worked out, this is the most events I've ever competed in, feels good, hard work always pays off, keep challenging yourself to get better, I'm beyond stoked, I put my 4 brand new SKAR ZVXv2 15's to the test & they did well, I know how to run my truck in the lanes & I've got one of the loudest No Wall builds around, so put some respeck on my name Scores, 4 SKAR ZVXv2 15's ISPLL Demo Showdown NW2 (1st time competing) Mic at Passenger Side Headrest-149.2DB, Mic Outside Driver Window-140.4DB, 3 Minute Music Average-144.88 (NEW WORLD RECORD) 1st place ISPLL Subsonic Suicide Advanced 2-147.3DB 1 Minute at 31HZ 2nd place ISPLL Real SPL Class F- 50HZ-151.4DB 40HZ-151.9DB 30HZ-147.6DB Bandwidth Average-150.3DB 1st place ISPLL All Around SPL NW3- Dash-151.4DB Headrest-151.6DB Kick-152.4DB Average-151.8DB 2nd place IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-Qualifying-151.9DB Round 1-149.9DB Round 2-151.6DB Round 3-148.9DB Average-150.1 1st place IASCA IDBL Hatchback_SUV_Minivan_3-151.9DB 2nd place DB Drag Bass Race-139.6 (Ethan's Run) 3rd place DB Drag Super Street NW 151.6DB (Ethan's Run) 2nd place MECA M3-153.1DB 3rd place 5,284 watts, new personal best MECA Park N' Pound DB3-133.9DB 5,676 watts, 1st place, new personal best & Loudest Of The Show!
  12. here is a little video of my 2 12 doing work on 2 Hifonics BRZ 1,700d. this was way before the amps where tuned with the dd1. each sub is getting around 1,200 rms at 2 ohm
  13. IT WAS TIME, FROM SKAR DDX BACK TO SKAR ZVX! last year in October I wanted to be able to burp over a 150DB & bass box better at every show this year, I called it "2015, Year Of The 150's" I changed my truck in many ways to make this happen, so far I'm meeting my goal at every show, when I took my 4 SKAR Audio ZVX D2 15's out & put my 4 SKAR Audio DDX D2 15's in on my 2 SKAR Audio SK-4500.1's wired to .5 ohm each, I wanted to bass box over a 150DB average 30 seconds on music & I wanted to burp over 151DB sealed, I was told that I couldn't achieve 150DB on music for 30 seconds that these subs wouldn't take the power, well here's my personal bests since March with the DDX's, Burping-Sealed 152.2(53Hz), Outlaw/Driver Door Open Mic On Dash-153.5(54Hz), Outlaw/Driver Door Open Mic In Kick-155.5(54Hz), Both Doors Open/Mic On Dash-149.2(59Hz), Bass Boxing: Qualifying-150.3, Round 1-149.8, Round 2-151.3, Round 3-145.3, 3 Round Average-148.8 ISPLL Real SPL Burp Sealed Class G 55Hz:151.4DB, 45Hz:151.6DB, 35Hz:150.5DB, Average:151.17DB ISPLL All Around SPL (30 second average on music driver door open) Class NW3 Mic On Dash:151.1DB, Mic At Headrest:152.4DB, Mic In Kick:150.6DB, Average:151.77 I've pushed these subs very hard, gave tons of demos & even competed at a DB Drag/IASCA/ISPLL show in 6 events, I can tricked, bottle tricked, bag tricked, hair tricked & I played lows from 20hz all the way up to 60 HZ, great bandwidth, very musical, I won at Stuntfest 2K15 & I won at the NOPI Nationals in Savannah, I've proven my point with the DDX's, I've hit some good numbers at shows, now it's time to put my ZVX's back in & compare my scores, I'm not in competition with anyone I'm in competition with myself, I do things just because to challenge myself to get better, I put my seats back in & bought one huge battery to be able to take my kids to shows, they watch me work on my truck & are learning that hard work pays off, daily driven 5 seat 150 plus DB ride, I love challenges, Team Deadly Hertz, Team SKAR Audio, It's Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle, BASS LIFE!
  14. This is the hardest i've ever seen these things move so far. watch in fullscreen 1080p for best quality. enjoy
  15. so im getting ready to do a small budget build in my accord. nothing too crazy just a pair of the new skar audio ix 8's d2 on a jbl cs300.1 amplifier with all execution audio zero gauge plus kinetik powercell and sony 4 channel with pioneer coaxils and sony receiver. i plan on making the box around 1.8 cubes after speaker displacement. i plan on putting in an aeroport. my question is what size port should i get for my pair of 8's? i read a thread on here about ports but i just dont understand everything fully. i was thinking a 4 inch port would be enough for both but im not sure. any help is appreciated. also wondering what i should tune it at as ive never used 8's before and didnt know if tuning them in the mid 30's would sound good or not. i checked the skar website but they dont list box or tuning specs.
  16. Whats up Skar bass head just a little video playing some bass before i took it all apart for a rebuild
  17. Hey guys and gals I have 3 vvx10s on a Hifonics BRZ2400. I was thinking of getting 2 EVL 15s with a RP3500. Unfortunately it seems i dont have the 7 cubes needed for the EVLs. What do you all think of the vvs on the RP 3500? Note: 10s are D 2s
  18. Whats up guys long times i haven't posted anything on the forums. so i did a little Video today of the 2 VVX playing Decaf'd Sail by Awolnation (zip 27). them things where slamming here is the Video Tomorrow ill post a Full video inside and out
  19. me & my homie did this build for a local high school kid, he was very satisfied w/how it came out, SKAR Audio LP-550.1 on a SKAR VVX8 Enclosure is 0.87 Cubes Tuned To 32Hz, in a Mazda Regular Cab B2200 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWfeqBaJuhQ&feature=youtu.be
  20. I would like someone to design a box for a zvx 15 that is ported at @32hz and is 3 ft^3, the cut out is 13.9, sub woofer displacement is 0.17 ft^3 , and the mounting depth is 9.3. It will be a trunk box so port back sub back and would like it to be double baffled, willing to pay for a good design thanks!!!! Will be running an aq2200 in a 1995 toyota avalon xl 30x18x17
  21. I'm getting rid of my SPL setup I have currently ( one 12" DC lvl4 sub, ported box)and I'm throwing in a "behind the seat box" sealed enclosure... But here's my question as to what would sound better?? Either two 10" skar VD-10's or three? The box will be made the same dimensions for each set up so having two 10's I'm closer to what the subs call for in a sealed enclosure. Total inside box volume will be 1.5cubes the vd-10's call for .65 cubes per sub totaling 1.3cubes if I do two and the enclosure would technically be two small for 3 sealed vd-10's but they would fit. I can power both set ups efficiently just curious as to what would sound better, either 3 subs requiring 1500rms in a sealed box that's too small or two tens in a correct sized enclosure requiring 1000rms?
  22. After much patience, Master Will's Subwoofer Upgrade is here, I'd like to give a shout out to Kevin & Shane at SKAR Audio in Tampa, Florida, thank you guys I preciate it, plus a special thanks go out to the Chinese for making some awesome subs, fresh out of the container & off the boat from China, 4 brand new SKAR Audio ZVXv2 D2 15's, it was time for a change after 3 years, I had a blast running 1 v1 D2 & 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2) I put up some good scores, I had both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, now I "Will" have 4 matching subs & an even ohm load, .5 ohm per SK-4500.1, I'm ready to see what these v2's can do in my setup, you can't be successful if you don't have patience, my son helped me put it all, in the subs, SkyHighCarAudio 8 Gauge Power Wire, Copper Bolts & EPIC Lighting LEDS TeamSKARAudio Captain, TeamDeadlyHertz, TeamNoWall, It's Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle, You Gots To Pay To Play, BASSLIFE!
  23. This is a dream come true, I'm leaving my 1st 1,500 mile 11 hour trip to #SLAMOLOGY, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, Indiana all the way from Metter, Georgia with a trophy, give tons of demos, so many people know me, seeing those that I inspire & the crazy reactions from my truck, to all that I met this weekend & gave demos to, took pictures with & shook hands, thanks for making my 1st SLAMOLOGY a great one, I've always said attitude is everything & I'm always in competition with myself in the lanes, to win up here at this huge event among so many competitors feels so awesome, I can't even put in into words, I'm happy & accomplished, you can do anything that you set your mind to, I'm here to give back & inspire others for success as well from hard work, yes I'm Master Will, #TeamSKARAudio Captain, #TeamDeadlyHertz Georgia Chapter Leader, #TeamNoWall Captain, #TeamSecondSkin, I know how to run my system efficiently using 4 SKAR Audio ZVX 15's, 1 v1 D2, 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2), I have both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, running a mixed ohm load until my ZVXv2's come in, I ran this setup at 2016 SBN Daytona Beach, Florida back in March, it worked again, he he he 1. IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-151.3DB 3rd place!
  24. So we've naturally been keeping an eye on Skar Audio over the past year or so due to the questions we get here in Russia from the people that follow our builds....you know, the usual - what do yoy think about Skar subs? when do you think they will be available in Russia? how do they stack up against so and so sub? so we had to get some As most of you already know - the quality and overall fit and finish on these subs is amazing. everything from the full-size dustcap to the magnet boot is just the way it should be So we popped the into the shop's Audi A4 sedan box is just a shade over 4.5 cubes net with a single 8" flared port firing to the side...on paper tunning is 37hz, but it peaks much lower due to the loading effect of the port firing into the fenderwell amp is a Sundown Audio SAZ3500D @ 0.5ohms with two XS Power bats and Shok industries wire....the stock alt in the audi is a dog however, so voltage easily drops below 12 so, on to the scores with the subs fresh out of the package, with no break in we managed a 147.4 @ 30hz this was apparently no sweat for the subs and the were laughing at the power.... which was clamped at 2791 watts on this run with a drop to 11.6 volts and rise to just over 1.1ohms.... very impressive then we tried 30hz and were rewarded with a 148.00 !!! the subs obviously need more break in - we clamped 2640watts this time with 12volts and slightly over 1.2ohms then it was time to let them wang full-tilt ob a pretty rough track full-tilt for 3 minutes on a [email protected] metering 146+ the whole time with no hint of coil-smell = win in my book overall - we are really impressed with the subs...they pound the lows, move air and can put up numbers stay tuned for moar vids as i get them uploaded
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