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Found 61 results

  1. Hello everyone! So heres a quick story on me. I loved this sight when I was 16-18 years old and was on it every single night checking out different builds, and topics just trying to gain as much information as I could. Long story short I went off to college down the road, started studying Mechanical Engineering and running track at the division 1 level and ran out of time for my own builds, and anything fun for that matter. So enough about me, lets get into this build after my hiatus from the sight. My Project is my 1986 SUPRA boat with a ford 351 v8 (just rebuilt the whole motor and is brand spanking new for this year), Thru-Hull exhaust, wakeboard tower, and much more. What I've purchased so far: -4 SKAR 8" IX-8s. I went with a cheap 8" subwoofer that I can replace very cheaply if something were to happen. My overall goal for this boat isn't for it to be "loud" it is for it to sound very very good. -6 JVC 4" 2-way speakers for the wakeboard tower rack. -1 Hifonics 1250d -1 Crunch 1000 watt rms 4-channel Enclosures: (Here is the fun part) -So like I said, Im finishing school in Mechanical Engineering so I wanted to have a little bit of fun with these enclosures. For the Wakeboard tower, I designed something in SolidWorks and sent cut it out on a CNC Router. Everything turned out GREAT with how everything fit together, and the MDF just looks so clean (even though thats the only wood I could use anyways). Then I will be wrapping and fiberglassing the tower rack in its entirety. Please don't judge, for this is my first real experience with fiberglassing and did it as simple and cheap as possible, its also still in progress. -For the subwoofers, I'm still in the process of deciding exactly what is to be done there and might even re-do the mounts for all the rear seats of the boat because in my opinion there is a ton of wasted space that isn't necessary, so any input (if allowed) on that is appreciated. -Ideas, ported enclosures at around 40hz. My last boat I did 2-12s down firing ported at 38 and it sounded GREAT! Only problem here is they wont be down firing... Ill attach some pictures, and ENJOY! Any input is appreciated on things to help me, so please give feedback if allowed. Im not very good with the rules of whats allowed and what isn't. Thanks! This is the one area where Im going to put 2 of the 8's up front, and in the rear Im going to have 2 more 8's each in individual boxes, ported. Andddddd of course I had to give her a name!
  2. Hello, this is my first post on this site but ive always found this website very useful. I was wondering if someone could teach me some about transmission line enclosures i have a single 15" skar evl 15 that i want to build a t line for. Its gonna be in my room so space isnt a problem. If anyone could shoot me some ideas that would be great. Im aiming for it to be tuned about 30 hertz
  3. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Okay, so I have two d4 skar ma-8 and a skar rp1500, I have them in a box that was extremely successful with two DD audio 508's in them but it sounds horrible with the skars, I would very much appreciate if someone could maybe draw me something up to fit them, I'm going for a spl/daily build, maybe tuned to 35 hz?
  5. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  6. Hey guys, I haven't posted in awhile. Been pretty busy with the holiday's and such and I feel bad for not communicating with the community but I'm busy commutin. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions with 15's that they like, how they sounded, how loud they were in their build, the pros and cons and all that good stuff. I'm going to do a new 15 build for a new car I got and I want to start in the spring. So I was thinking of using an x 15. Fan of sundown and figured getting low and dirty with a nice clean sound won't be bad, but unsure how loud I will be getting. I'm not too worried about it but always consider other possibilities. Now I'm just curious what you guys think?
  7. Got 2 skar rp2000.1D one per sub how can i run one bass knob instead of one per amp ive heard i could conjoin the bass remote wires or i could run a y adapter
  8. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  9. I couldn't upload straight to Smd so just click the link below to view the gallery http://imgur.com/a/tatQ4 Box is 3.5 cubes tuned to 35 hz It was just pieced together to get and idea. the box still needs to be fiber glassed and needs bondo. i know it seems like theres gaps bit its completely sealed from the inside. i just had a bad blade.
  10. Are you done spamming up the forum with your give-a-way deal yet? First of all that is a rules violation, 2ndly you are being issued a warning for repeatedly spamming up this forum trying to get people to watch your youtube channel. SMD is not for free based advertising. Please keep that in mind. Thanks
  11. 2012 Nissan frontier SV 4 door build!!!! Finally gettin on it. Ok will upload a few teaser pics when I get home as I'm on mobile right now. But here is product list. A lot of which I already have the rest of which I still gotta buy Custom everything. : dash, doors, blow through custom multiple alt bracket. Source :iPad 3 and jvc kdx50bt Mids and tweets::10 10"seismic audio ES +6 8" ES 12 power acoustic bullets nx5's I think is model number (yes I know power acoustic isnt exactly the best but most bullets are pretty much the same and I like pa cuz they are black ) Mids and tweets amps:4x jl audio hd750.1 Hook ups: All audio technix power cable and either tsunami or stinger rcas haven't figured that out yet. Processing: audio control 3.2 Subs : at the moment thinking fi sp4 4x15's Bass amps : 2x crescendo bc 5500 3x mechman alts 1 is 270 other 2 are 320 As many xs d3100 as I can fit. I know one under the good and hopefully 6 in rear. This build will be all 12 volt just because I don't want to have 20 50 ah batts in back. Lol all 16 volt bats are friggin small. Teaser pics coming!!!!!! ok product update... Kevin from skar sent me a little present and i sold all of the other equipment that i had and decided to do SKAR all the way... 12 pairs of vxi components 2 ivx 10's for midbass 4 sk85.4 subs tbd but anyway check pics below for the build
  12. Got a Skar DDX 12 dual 2 ohm sub 1000w RMS. Christmas gift. Will be going in my 2005 F150 supercrew. I currently have 2 Alpine SWS 10d4 in a sealed Fox Box under the seat with an MB QUART amp, amp come free with the purchase of the 2 subs so it wasnt a bad deal IMO. That system will be going in my wifes Camry, building slot ported box now for it. Anyways im looking for a louder setup, but also musical as well. I am capable of building my own enclosure, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking somewhere around 2.25 to 2.75 cu ft after displacements tuned around 35 hz with a 6" aero port but am open to other designs. I have never had an aero port design, always slot ports and was curious to try it out. i have yet to purchase an amp for the sub and was looking into the Skar RP 1500 wired to 1 ohm but am also aware of box rise...so may save a little more for a bit larger amp. Also would like to add that i will be setting the box on the floor in place of where the smaller portion of the rear seat will fold up, for now anyways. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm trying to decide between the crescendo pwx8 and the skar audio fsx8" any ideas? or recommendations? Looking for something to get loud more on the midrange side, I have enough mid-bass to support.. ( 4 12" massive audio m12s)
  14. Well we have decided to wall the Accord. Going with 2 18s and 2 skar 4500s strapped. Equipment, -DC POWER 320 alt -XS d3400 under the hood -4 runs of 1/0 to the rear -4 Xp3000s -Project Db Buss Bars -Project Db Dual Inputs -Stinger Roadkill Deadner -2 SKAR 4500s -2 Dc Audio Level 5 M2 18s -Skar Pax Neo 6.5s -Skar Super Tweeters -Kenwood Headunit Got the supplies for the wall Starting the floor of the wall lined the floor with 2x4s to begin
  15. Enclosure is 12 1/2” front to back, 29 1/2” top to bottom, 43 1/2” from side to side and 9 1/2” deep, 1 1/2” thick, the inside of the enclosure is 9 1/2”, the port i need to tune at 35hz is 35.29”L 11”W 11”H how can i make this port work with the size of the enclosure. The port needs to be 120sq inches but the length is the problem
  16. Hows it doing bass heads n fellow bass addicts, does anyone have any idea if Sundown discontinued the nightshade line of woofers?? I'm really hell bent on buying some subs and the nightshade's are on my hit list of "must own subs", I have a few friends who are the must see it to believe it type and are so wrapped up in the hype and still think that the kicker L7 and the jl w7 are the best subs in the world and I'm trying to make some believers out of a few of them, I know that the enclosure plays a big role in the subs performance so my plans are to buy a pair of subs from either dc, sundown or skar. still not sure which company i might get with, but if you guys could be willing to help me with advice on which woofers to get, or where I could do a lil more homework, I would really appreciate it and money wise I have about 1500 for the subs if i have to dig a little deeper in my pockets I will, space isnt a major factor I have a van that im trying to get started on so if you guys could help me out and give me some decent info on these subs and companies so I can finally smash these suckers beliefs and finally get them off that bandwagon.
  17. just got done with my chevy trailblazer build. here are the specs Mechman 250 Amp Alternator XS D3400 under hood XS XP3000 in rear big 3 upgrade 0 gauge GP Car Audio wire throughout heatshrink and lugs crimped by me 2- Skar EVL 15's wired to 1 ohm 1- Skar SKV2 3500 watt monoblock 4- Skar PAX65 6.5's in all 4 doors 1- Skar RP 150.4 4 channel amp to the doors Amps are bolted down with socket head allen screws into spiked t-nuts fuseblocks are also bolted down with allen screws into spiked t-nuts Subs are also bolted down with allen screws into spiked t-nuts nothing moves all lugs are hydraulic crimped by me all heatshrink done by me my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer only 56000 miles on it. Sony MEX XB100BT radio. It puts out decent power ripped out the wimpy stock speaker and put in the skar PAX65 installed back in stock location modified the speaker ring BINGO mechman 250 Amp alternator. Out with the old in with the new. Installed. Took more time to put belt back on. 1/2 shorter under the hood battery big 3 done. 0 gauge GP Car Audio wire couple of fuseblocks ran starting of box build 3/4 birch got the Skar EVL 15's fitted in there monster box in back LOL started some wiring. box has angle brackets which is bolted to wood and wood is bolted to frame the rca's are covering the bolt other bolt is under battery. got speaker wire and rca's all tesa taped and zip tied down even put a fire extinguisher in. used 8 gauge subwoofer wire to subs and 14 gauge to door speakers all 0 gauge to amps. Even used that Bluetooth voltmeter that ExoContralto recommended. works pretty well.
  18. HELP i have been searching around for really good 6.5 components, this truck had memphis audio coaxial speakers in all 4 doors doors already and have been in the truck since 2010 so they are way outdate. I have been buying and trying different brands and models of coaxials 6.5 speakers in my vehicles and so far the alpine type R were the best sounding. I've never bought components and crossovers before, i have always just stuck with coaxial because they are quick and easy replacements. I put a crunch PX-1000.4 amp behind the seat to run my door, RMS at 4 ohm is 75w RMS at 2 ohm is 125w. They got way louder but the sound quality was terrible. What component/coaxial speakers should i go with and what amp should i use to push them? Has anyone heard or tried the Focal R-165s2 6.5 120w rms 2-way components? I also have a Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 600w rms 1200w dual 4ohm that i am getting ready to build a box for under the seat or the console. i haven't decided on an amp for it yet, depends on if i just do one 10 or do 2.
  19. Anyone run this setup? Or know if it would work? I've seen plenty of people on youtube do it, but not sure if its done right... dual 2, running it at 1 ohm. Just looking for some feedback on this.
  20. Looking for anybody to comment back, Hey Guys! Not new to car audio, but never dealt with Sundown or Skar before. Long question short, Would the Skar Audio RP-800.1D Match well with a Sundown EV3 10 or 12 D4 with VCs in parallel? 600wrms rated at 2 ohms on the amp, Subs both rated for 500wrms? Looking to put in the deck shelf of a 1978 Grand Marquis, ported box tuned to 28-30hz is the goal. Not looking to shake everyone around me, just add some nice low end to accompany my Pioneer D series components and 6x9s on a Pioneer 8604. Thanks in advance!
  21. First off thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offer a helping hand, secondly I am looking for someone knowledgeable and is very good with enclosure designs and getting loud to come up with a 6th order wall design for 4 skar evl 15's in my santa fe. Ive tried a couple free programs but I haven't been any good at making it work. If someone wouldn't mind helping ill get the measurements together as soon as tomorrow. I also don't mind paying a few dollars for the help either. Thanks in advance!
  22. What is the best single 15 I can get for under 500$ it will go in the trunk with the rear seat up!
  23. Leave what you have for sale below and a price or pm me!
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