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  1. Hey guys I am looking to start a new build in my 2008 Tahoe. I am set on 4 SA 15's. I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to get some ideas for an enclosure. I will have the whole trunk to work with. (Behind the rear passenger seat, third row has been removed) Any replies are appreciated !
  2. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and would appreciate all the feedback I can get! Decided to go with sundown because of all the positive reviews and great community! Anyways I want to build something that will give me the bump I am looking for in my daily driver. I had 2 15 kicker l7s previously with rated rms. This will be for a 2012 chevy Tahoe with alot of room to work with. After tons of research I have decided I really like the X series. I am thinking about ordering 2 x15's with an either sundown4000.1 or the skar 4500.1 (little cheaper) (student loan life) and building a custom ported box to spec. Now with it tuned correctly and installed correctly, do you guys recommend upgrading electrical for this set up? All feedback is greatly appreciated, and suggestions are welcomed.
  3. First time posting in this thread. Looking for a reliable hard pounding card audio system for around $1k. It is for a chevy Tahoe. So far I am considering getting a pair of Sundown Audio 12" 750W Dual 4-Ohm with the sundown audio 1500.1 or going with the skar audio 2000.1 monoblock (200$ cheaper). Will custom build the box accordingly and have a solid aftermarket head unit. Does this sound like a good set up for someone looking to get some extra bass from using a pair of L7s in the past?
  4. After much patience, Master Will's Subwoofer Upgrade is here, I'd like to give a shout out to Kevin & Shane at SKAR Audio in Tampa, Florida, thank you guys I preciate it, plus a special thanks go out to the Chinese for making some awesome subs, fresh out of the container & off the boat from China, 4 brand new SKAR Audio ZVXv2 D2 15's, it was time for a change after 3 years, I had a blast running 1 v1 D2 & 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2) I put up some good scores, I had both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, now I "Will" have 4 matching subs & an even ohm load, .5 ohm per SK-4500.1, I'm ready to see what these v2's can do in my setup, you can't be successful if you don't have patience, my son helped me put it all, in the subs, SkyHighCarAudio 8 Gauge Power Wire, Copper Bolts & EPIC Lighting LEDS TeamSKARAudio Captain, TeamDeadlyHertz, TeamNoWall, It's Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle, You Gots To Pay To Play, BASSLIFE!
  5. Rolling Thunder Competed in 10 Events & won 10 Awards at the 1st Why So Serious Summer 2X Event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, such a awesome weekend, I set some goals for this show & it worked out, this is the most events I've ever competed in, feels good, hard work always pays off, keep challenging yourself to get better, I'm beyond stoked, I put my 4 brand new SKAR ZVXv2 15's to the test & they did well, I know how to run my truck in the lanes & I've got one of the loudest No Wall builds around, so put some respeck on my name Scores, 4 SKAR ZVXv2 15's ISPLL Demo Showdown NW2 (1st time competing) Mic at Passenger Side Headrest-149.2DB, Mic Outside Driver Window-140.4DB, 3 Minute Music Average-144.88 (NEW WORLD RECORD) 1st place ISPLL Subsonic Suicide Advanced 2-147.3DB 1 Minute at 31HZ 2nd place ISPLL Real SPL Class F- 50HZ-151.4DB 40HZ-151.9DB 30HZ-147.6DB Bandwidth Average-150.3DB 1st place ISPLL All Around SPL NW3- Dash-151.4DB Headrest-151.6DB Kick-152.4DB Average-151.8DB 2nd place IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-Qualifying-151.9DB Round 1-149.9DB Round 2-151.6DB Round 3-148.9DB Average-150.1 1st place IASCA IDBL Hatchback_SUV_Minivan_3-151.9DB 2nd place DB Drag Bass Race-139.6 (Ethan's Run) 3rd place DB Drag Super Street NW 151.6DB (Ethan's Run) 2nd place MECA M3-153.1DB 3rd place 5,284 watts, new personal best MECA Park N' Pound DB3-133.9DB 5,676 watts, 1st place, new personal best & Loudest Of The Show!
  6. New to the forums. Here is my 2011 Chevrolet Aveo install. Nothing too fancy, soon to upgrade.Install Consists of:Eclipse CD3200 Head unitHifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D(2)Alpine Type-R 10's ([email protected])Sealed box, that's on the small side.Lemme know what you think.P.S.- Please excuse my mess. The amp, rear hatch, and subs were dirty by the time I finished this install. They've been cleaned.Pic 4 also shows 1 VC connected; 1 coil is shorted, so until I recone it, that's all she's got.
  7. This is a dream come true, I'm leaving my 1st 1,500 mile 11 hour trip to #SLAMOLOGY, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, Indiana all the way from Metter, Georgia with a trophy, give tons of demos, so many people know me, seeing those that I inspire & the crazy reactions from my truck, to all that I met this weekend & gave demos to, took pictures with & shook hands, thanks for making my 1st SLAMOLOGY a great one, I've always said attitude is everything & I'm always in competition with myself in the lanes, to win up here at this huge event among so many competitors feels so awesome, I can't even put in into words, I'm happy & accomplished, you can do anything that you set your mind to, I'm here to give back & inspire others for success as well from hard work, yes I'm Master Will, #TeamSKARAudio Captain, #TeamDeadlyHertz Georgia Chapter Leader, #TeamNoWall Captain, #TeamSecondSkin, I know how to run my system efficiently using 4 SKAR Audio ZVX 15's, 1 v1 D2, 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2), I have both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, running a mixed ohm load until my ZVXv2's come in, I ran this setup at 2016 SBN Daytona Beach, Florida back in March, it worked again, he he he 1. IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-151.3DB 3rd place!
  8. Sam is a guy who keeps his shit clean, and his toys are no exception. A couple years ago he got the opportunity to buy a sweet 1990 Chevy short wide sport truck that looked showroom new with 60K on the odometer. Since he got it he's done a lot of things to it, including letting me build him a console sub, do some door pods and add to his existing audio system. First thing we did was the box, then the pods, a big three, then added a second 4 channel, some mids & tweets in the dash (all active) and finally, full door panels that I've been working on, on and off for a long time. The system is mild and more suited for sound quality and rock but he can still manage to burp a little over 40 so it's loud enough... for him, lol. Audio equipment consists of a Massive Audio bass amp, one Massive 4 channel, a CT Sounds 4 channel, CT Sounds Meso 12, two pair of JBL MS-62 components and a pair of 3" Dayton Audio midrange drivers. The truck: When Sam first came to me he had a "console box" that another shop had built. I'll show that to you first and then follow up with random build pics from everything else.... Keep in mind, this first box DID NOT come out of my shop. It came out of another shop, wrapped in leather, but not mine, lol. Dat port doe! But what about all those gaps in the curve? SILICONE!!!! So yeah, maybe the sub hung over into the vent and maybe it hung over the right side of the box but hey, it was wrapped in REEEEL leather! That wedge in front of the cup holders was supposed to be a tablet mount. WTAF?? Next up, actual build pics of what I did.
  9. I am thinking of bed lining my entire truck. Does anyone have any expierence with this? And what would be some pros and cons to doing it?
  10. 5 Stars for this guy! Great seller, i see why he is on the Super Seller list! Bought this amp for a killer price, payment and shipping went smoothly, recieved the amp in the original box, with an unused bass knob in perfect condition. I was just expecting an Skar amp in a brown shipping box, wasnt expecting a bass knob either. Amp works flawlessly. Easy to get a hold of, and even messaged me to check up and make sure everything was working correctly! Great seller, hope to do business with him again!
  11. I'm trying to decide between the crescendo pwx8 and the skar audio fsx8" any ideas? or recommendations? Looking for something to get loud more on the midrange side, I have enough mid-bass to support.. ( 4 12" massive audio m12s)
  12. so i have been looking around, maybe didnt look hard enough idk, but i cant seem to find out why with my setup im having a drop. 2004 Silverado Mechman 370 amp and voltage regulator with guage big 3 d3400 under hood d3100 in back Skar 2500 2 Fi Btl n2 at 1ohm So my voltage as far as i have read is ok to be set at 15v with these xs and i have had it this way for idk 2 years now and this issue has been this way whole time just asking the question now before i prep for the DC 10k to be put in, the issue is obviously voltage drop at idle its fine with alternator over the 1200 or 1500 rpm whatever it is but from reading other ppls setups to me seems like i should be able to run my setup full tilt without that much voltage drop. the voltage drop is enough to turn off my headunit so like below 13.5 idk my headunit doesnt like voltage too much lower than stock which is kinda good since it doesnt stay on like below 13 to really damage my stuff. So i know adding another d3100 id be set but for like 2700w 3 big batts and a 370 seems like alot, i checked my grounds they seem solid and fine its all 1/0 and hydraulic crimped so is there something wrong or does this setup seem like ya i should be dropping that much at idle because i dont want to have this problem when i add my 10k and have to have more batteries than i actually should need, and no i dont plan on running a 10k on just 2 batteries but i would like to know about how many d3100 i should need oh and system tuned with dd-1 and cc-1 headunit is pioneer DEH-x8500BS
  13. Hi everyone, I finally joined after a long time lurking this forum. I recently decided to step up my bass game from the two 12’s I’ve had for a while. I’ve had a system in every vehicle I've owned and was the one always doing installs for friends in high school and teaching them how to install. I've always wanted to do a serious build, so I decided one day I’d sell my Subaru for an S10 and upgrade my system properly. So I bought a 99 Sonoma ZQ8 ext cab this past november and spent the spring fixing up the main issues that needed to be done before spending money on the system. I had a blown double cardan joint that I replaced with a rear conversion shaft and blown shocks that were replaced with a Belltech 2/2 drop kit (+ZQ8 = 3.5"/3.5” total). I recently swapped in a Mechman 270A alternator that I got used for $150 to power the upgrades I’m doing to my stereo. Earlier this week I went up to the only SPL shop I could find in my area and ordered an 18” Skar ZVX v2 (they said it was better than the Sundown X I was looking at and I trust them since they are successful SPL competitors). I also have 100 sq. ft. of GTmat for dampening, but will only be doing the floor/roof/backwall because I plan to replace the rusty doors next summer when doing bodywork. I will probably get a Skar SK1500d before heading back to school in september if I can sell my current stereo in time. I've gotten rusty with installations after not doing many in the past few years, so I'm open to suggestions. This was what my truck looked like... until a "friend" backed up into the bed with his new F150, this is my damage. This is his damage, he was able to rub most of it off and is now being quite difficult in helping with the repair(long story)... So this is what it looks like now. I intend on doing the bodywork next summer, but I'm still unsure of what direction the build will go in (I will probably clean up the panel before going back to school). I installed the Mechman 270a alternator and Big 4 with 1/0awg copper welding cable. It took a while to get all the right parts, mainly the belt. Also I use SnapChat a lot, so that will explain the text on most of the pictures. I got this alt on Kijiji for $150. It was from a 2006 Tahoe, but for some reason he got one that didn't have the proper PCM hook-up and was causing charging issues. I saw the one wire and similar plug and figured it should work, luckily it did. It was tough to fit the four 1/0 grounds and original ground, even with extended posts. A dual battery upgrade is on the list. Since I couldn't find it anywhere, the proper belt for a large case Mechman alt on a 4.3L is the Goodyear Gatorback 4060960. Unfortunately the one I bought had a different belt (taught me to verify the part numbers!) inside, a 4060100 if I recall, which was 4 inches too long. I got it sorted out after waiting a few days for it to arrive. Either way, I saved about $500 getting it used. If it craps out, I'll try to send it back to Mechman to be refurbished with a 6-phase stator (hopefully will last longer than my last 2 stock alts). I also picked up a raw LED voltmeter for $6, I think it's for Arduino projects. I like it, but I just got to find a proper wire for it to read off, the factory voltmeter wire was killing the battery on start-up.
  14. Hey Everyone.I recently bought a 2002 f150 extended cab.I am looking to put subs in it and I would like to put them under the back seat.SO i am looking at 8'' subwoofers.I am stuck though between skar audio, sundown, and rockford fosgate.Which subs are the best for the price.looking at doing 4 8''s.I am not wanting to spend more than $120 per sub.I have to fosgate 10's in my other vehicle and i love them.I am looking into the other two brands.What are your guys take on Skar and Sundown.
  15. I have several items that's been sitting around that I had got for some projects, but ended up not doing them. So here's whats up for grabs Refurbished RF T2500-1bdcp. Since it was refurbished, it didn't come with a birthsheet. On had it a few months so it's in great condition. Comes with PEQ remote. SOLD. SSA Xcon 18 and 12, both Dual 2ohm. Both are in great condition (except a lil paint res from install), still stiff. 18 was in my truck and 12 in wifes car. Both barely played. 12 is freshly reconed (was a 18 also). $300 for 18, 12 SOLD. Will be shipped in original crate box. 2- Skar VVX-15V2 Dual 4ohm. Barely played, still stiff, great condition. $300 for pair, OBO Clarion EQ7 and DB Drive OKUR EQ7. In great condition. $60 shipped each.
  16. I would like some help on some box dimensions for my two Fi SP4 15's. I have a 2000 F-150 extended cab and want to build a custom ported box to go in the rear section of the cab (removing the back seat to put in box). The total amount of space that I can work with is 24" from the back wall of the cab, 62" from door to door, and 24" tall. What dimensions should I use to build my box? And i dont want any recomendations on certain programs that I could use to determine what I need, I have tried a few and now of them are quite what I am looking for. Also, what is a good frequency to tune the box to? Thanks for the help, Nolan.
  17. So, I asked this once, and used the words "hot debate" and didn't realize those weren't acceptable. I was just asking a question. Mods, how about next time, you please think about locking a post before you lock it? I was just asking a question in my last post. Anywho, my question is (and was), which is the better sub for the money, the Skar MA-8 or Sundown SA-8? The Skar runs 400 watts rms, and costs $129. The Sundown runs 500 watts and is $150. From what I've seen, they're about the same as far as loudness and sound quality. Am I wrong? Is the Sundown better, or is the extra $20 just for the name? I will be running the Skar, as a christmas present, on a 500-watt Bazooka CSA300.1, because that's what I've got.
  18. Hey y'all! Here's the next hot debate! Skar MA-8 versus Sundown SA-8, which is better and why? They look almost identical, the Sundown has a 100-watt RMS rating lead on the Skar, but also has a $20 price lead. Is the extra $20 just for the name? What do y'all think? If it matters, I'm getting the Skar as a Christmas present. It'll be running on a 500-watt monoblock amp, cuz that's what I've got.
  19. I am looking into these three subs; skar vvx-12v2, sundown sa-12d2 or soundstream t7.122. which one is better?
  20. me & my son attended two shows this weekend, Saturday a DB Drag/IASCA Show the tear was almost off at this show then I was the SPL Judge at a show Sunday, my goal was to go ahead & let the bass finish it off, my son filmed both times, I'm just gonna gorilla tape it & let it ride, people keep saying it's fiberglass or plastic, SUV's are made of metal, I've been giving demos
  21. I am new to this forum so sorry if i am in the wrong forum area for this type of quesion. I am thinking about running one of these DC level 4 12's in a small hatchback car with the skar 1400.1 and a skar 85.4 for the mids and highs. I am running a pioneer avic 940 bt and the alpine type r components in the front doors and the type r coaxle speakers in the rear dash also running a kinetik hc 1200 and a factory battery and all 1 and 4 gauge wiring. So any opinions are greatly appreciated but please im not one to bash a certain brand so please dont. Everyone has an opinion just certain ones should only be expressed in the right situation.
  22. New system here. I can't figure out how to post the video from photobucket. Sorry for the close ups on this one. Was really bright out and coudln't see what the phone was recording.
  23. Looking for some power for my Fi SP4 18", I live in Australia where car audio is way more expensive. I've bought stuff from CACO before but shipping for an amp to here is about $150 at least. The best value amps I've found are on eBay are a pair of SoundStream TA1.3000d's A pair of them shipped here is $781.83 USD (About $830 AUD) Plus I get 2 year warranty. (I would have to ship it back to US though) I planned to strap a pair of them together. I've got the dual 2 SP4 which I think is actually around 1.3 Ohm so each amp sees around 0.35 Ohm. I've got pretty awesome electrical for them. A pair of Fullriver 120aH AGM's in the rear and another large Fullriver in the front. 0 Gauge positive and negative front to back and a 240 Amp alternator. I realize this is more than enough power for the SP4 but I won't be running the amps at full power so they won't be overly stressed. I also have a scope to set gains. This setup with the pair of SS is about the value for power I can get here so should I even be considering for about the same price getting a used SCAR/Crescendo/DC Audio 3.5k that also won't have warranty.
  24. Hi all, current setup: car bmw 2003 520i : standard idrive with ppi soundprocessor, morel 4" front helix 4" rear, diamond 600.4, diamond 1000.1 / skar sk1500.1 sundown 12zv3 dual 2ohm. box as suggested by sundown. I recently purchased a Skar Sk 1500.1 as they had a (20% off weekend deal) from sonicxxx and a sundown audio zv3 12" dual 2 ohm. An upgarde from diamond audio 1000.1 and diamond 12" d6 sub. The subs arrive first so I literally just took the diamond sub out with everything untouched, sounded ok but the amp was heating up so quickly that I got scared of frying it, so I went on to and got a sk1500.1 thinking this would do the job just fine and it's less expensive than the sundown saz1500. anyhow once I got it I just switched the amps and this is what happen: Green light on, low crossover set at 85hz, 0 bass boost, phase 0, wires are 4 gauge ( my car is 2003 bmw 520i so the batteries at the back of the trunk very short distance for pos and ground), polarity is correct wired into 1ohm. all wires are fine either connect or disconnect from skar to diamond amp. so in goes the new amp: hardly any bump with the gain set to 1/2 about 3v, so i turn it up more to 3/4 which is about 1v still not much bass coming from the subs. I have tried to tune it with multi meter 39v (sqaure root of 1500) with bass tone 50hz but the output seems halved or even less, not much bump coming from the woofer at all (mind you the diamond amps voltage was set only to approximately 2v or 3/5 gain) and it was significantly loud as hell as I switched it back now again and again. I was going to send it back to sonicxxxx but I'm not in the states so its going to cost me a lot more to send it backwards and forth. I'm just wondering would it be an amp problem somewhere, or is it normal to have the gain turned all the way up with skar amps cause frankly I've never done that, I never used the remote on all my past system, does it need to be connected or access from there? I mean if there was a wire problem (power or ground) it should have equal affect on the diamond amp as well but not that I can see except the fact it sounds much more powerful than the skar amp. I've been exploring the amps for days now and i'm just both pissed and annoyed with this problem could anyone please suggest what I can do or test or whatever setting I should be aware of or I'm just unlucky with a defect amp. many thanks simon