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  1. TechnoBass

    MobileSpec 450D Specs?

    Damn, no one?
  2. TechnoBass

    MobileSpec 450D Specs?

    So I have a Mobile Spec 450D pushing a 500w RFP3D412(discontinued version). Ive had it for 3 years now and its still banging out the bass with not one issue. Im only wondering if anyone knows where I can find the spec sheet for this specific amp. Ive been searching all over the webs for it but my only results are for the other classes. Nothing for this one. I would just like to see what I can do with it in terms of tuning it properly as I have tuned it by ear around my musical taste. I also plan on building two boxes that were recommended by two other users here. Triticum and Joe X. One is for a 2 cube ported and the other a 4th order bp, so having the specs would help a ton. Thanks for any info anyone can come up with.
  3. TechnoBass

    Specific Box or 4th Order?

    Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time out to come up with this. I really appreciate it. Now since the ports will be protruding, what is the best method for keeping them from falling back into the box?
  4. TechnoBass

    Specific Box or 4th Order?

    That would be legit, no rush. Sick builds on your fb page too.
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  6. TechnoBass

    Specific Box or 4th Order?

    Thanks for the cut sheet! Should I also route the edges too or does that not really matter? ...and what about a 4th order spec sheet, I would surely like to experiment with one.
  7. TechnoBass

    Specific Box or 4th Order?

    You have me intrigued. If this is true, which Im going to believe you, then Im definitely going to build something asap. The sub already sounds pretty damn good the way it is now. However, it did take me a good while to tweak my amp in order for it to sound that way based on my musical preferences. So, Im guessing you just recommend sticking to the website spec build, correct?
  8. TechnoBass

    Specific Box or 4th Order?

    Here is the box and the only info I can find from Crutchfield. I would definitely still like recommendations either way on both builds if you could. I've also been thinking about moving up to dual 15's of this same series but first I wanted to try to see what I can do with this single 12 and some other type of box just for kicks. (no pun intended) Thanks for the help.
  9. Hey Guys, Im new to this site and have a question about a build I want to do. I currently have a Rockford P3D412,(the discontinued 500w version)in a Q Logic bandpass being pushed by a Mobile Spec 450D amp. Im very happy with the sound as is but I would like to try building either the specific vented box per their website or a 4th order bandpass or maybe even both just to see which I like better. The internal volume of the Q-Logic is 1.82cf. The website calls for 1.79cf. Will this little bit of volume make a difference in the output, and in the case of it actually making a difference...should I just fab a 4th order? If it turns out that I should go 4th order, what would the specs be? By the way I listen to mostly techno with continuous heavy basslines in 4/4 time if that matters for the build. Any info is much appreciated as I never built a box before but now have brother-in-law who is a trade carpenter and will help me build this. And if there is anything Im missing, please let me know, Im not very knowledgeable on the technical side of car audio. Thanks.