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  1. Ah yes. Very familiar with Infected Mushroom. Seen them years ago in DC. They killed it.
  2. Been pretty busy over the last few months... Here ya go...
  3. Cool, Im glad you guys are liking this stuff. I also should mention that these aren't just artists making instrumental tracks...these guys actually perform live with their machines and/or DJ very frequently at underground techno events in warehouses all over the US and just about every other weekend in almost every major city on the East and West Coast. They usually play the style of what you're hearing me post, but all on-the-fly live. Heres the next... By the way, how do you get the video preview to show?
  4. Hey, so I thought I'd try something different that I haven't seen here yet. I'm going to post some of my favorite heavy bass techno tracks and maybe some of you will take a moment to play them through your BEAST ass systems and give me feedback on what you think and how your system performs with these specific tracks. These won't be some boring EDM tracks that you would hear at EDC or Coachella type festivals. They will be dark, heavy and hard repetitive bassline soundscapes made by very talented artists mostly on actual machines and not just made on computer DAW programs, not that there is anything wrong with that. The artists are located throughout the world and are very active in the evolution of the techno sound which was invented in Detroit many years ago. These will be sounds you will never hear on a radio. I've been a part of this culture since the late 90's and the music has only gotten better over time in my experienced opinion. Production/Sound quality has skyrocketed with all of this new technology we are seeing. If you already despise this type of music, there is no need for any kind of negative responses to this post. I'm looking for responses from people with open minds who may want to check out a different type of bass sound that you may have never heard before, HEY... you might like it! Trust me, these tracks bang. It's really the only type of music I bump in which many people ask me about when I'm out cruising or whatever. The object of this... Those of you who are running systems of 1000Watts RMS and up, I want you to compare the bass/performance of what you would typically listen to and compare it to the tracks I'll be posting and hopefully get some feedback on the way your system handles the difference. Pretty simple really. I'm also looking for bass tracks outside of Rap/Trap/HipHop that any of you may want to share as well. I have an almost unlimited amount of tracks to share. For every track any of you may want to share, I will post another of mine. Deal? Oh, lastly...if any of you like to blaze to any kind of electronic dance music, I recommend you do so beforehand. First track -
  5. After searching high and low with no avail, I figured Id look up the manufacturer...sent them an email...They said this specific amp was discontinued about 10 years ago..and it is actually [email protected] It makes me wonder how many watts Im actually getting out of it by running that P3D412 @2ohms. It has (3) 20 amp fuse.
  6. I am currently running a P3D4-12 in a bandpass and even though its the BP thats giving me "double the slam", I can only imagine what a T1 series would sound like in a proper box alone. If I had the budget, I would have had dual T1D415's already, plus be pushed by some ridiculous amp. Ive owned a few different "good" brands, the RFs were the best so far.
  7. Hmm, this is something I may be more inclined to embark on. I was toying with the thought of eventually running dual subs somewhere down the road anyway since I have the real estate, but I would be scrapping the 12 and I'd replace it with two 15"s of the same series. My original plans were to just have a 4th order for the 12... and get a better amp, and then eventually(and that's a loooong eventually) upgrade to 2 of those in 15", also 4th order, but now since that the "life" thing happened, Im just going to keep the sub/box combo I'm currently using and just get a better amp and leave it at that(until that loong eventually happens). That next upgrade would now be to skip the 4th order for the 12 all together and jump right into the dual 15" scenario when I get there. Plus that amp is only a hair over where I wanted to be with my budget and I'm fine with that. Good call. Im just curious though, why no one has said anything about the GTO501EZ. It looks like a killer for the price based on The Amp Test Tuesday video. How does it compare to the R500X1D and the P500X1BD? Its also a tad cheaper than the R500. Im not penny pinching, just curious.
  8. For running the 500w version Rockford P3D4-12 in a Q-logic BP. I previously had plans to revamp my whole audio system, but I ran into life. So now I just want to keep my sub/box combo and put the proper power to it since Ive been underpowering it for a couple years. It sounds fantastic at the moment, but I just want to get its full potential as it sits. Maybe in a few months or so when I get back on my feet Ill get the 4th order I wanted. The P3D4-12 is currently being pushed by an old-school Mobile Spec 450D @2 with an Optima Yellow Top on stock 120amp Alt. Will be also adding the Big3 with this next amp. Thanks for the input.
  9. So I have a Mobile Spec 450D pushing a 500w RFP3D412(discontinued version). Ive had it for 3 years now and its still banging out the bass with not one issue. Im only wondering if anyone knows where I can find the spec sheet for this specific amp. Ive been searching all over the webs for it but my only results are for the other classes. Nothing for this one. I would just like to see what I can do with it in terms of tuning it properly as I have tuned it by ear around my musical taste. I also plan on building two boxes that were recommended by two other users here. Triticum and Joe X. One is for a 2 cube ported and the other a 4th order bp, so having the specs would help a ton. Thanks for any info anyone can come up with.
  10. Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time out to come up with this. I really appreciate it. Now since the ports will be protruding, what is the best method for keeping them from falling back into the box?
  11. That would be legit, no rush. Sick builds on your fb page too.
  12. Thanks for the cut sheet! Should I also route the edges too or does that not really matter? ...and what about a 4th order spec sheet, I would surely like to experiment with one.
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