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  1. Where can I get a box design and cut sheet?
  2. Was gonna try and put this into re box calculator to try and make a cut sheet but my computer is toast
  3. So how would I turn that into a cut sheet to make a box? I assume its right lol
  4. So how exactly do I figure all that up to come up with a slot port idea so can compare the 2? Slot port is gonna be the cheapest lol just have to figure out how to do better then my first attempt...
  5. Yeah idk my first slot port box was just absolute garbage so wanna try something else this time especially since I'm going to spend the money for Baltic birch...
  6. If go with 4 6in aeroports Comes out 113in2 at around 10cuft... So think gonna be my sweet spot now how do I design a box and get a cut sheet haha
  7. If only could get it to go to 125in2 at 10ft lol been trying for a week and refuses to work...lol...
  8. And thanks for the help...really appreciate it...
  9. So logically I could do something like this and it might actually come out sounding ok? (4 6in aeroports) I thought needed like 12-13.5 port area per foot or something about there, and honestly why getting pretty confused with this box idea... This is my last attempt to get this build right so wanna do something besides a boring slot port but still have it super easy to build so why been looking at SHCAs aeroports... Been trying to make it work with 2 10s, 3 8s, or 4 6s aeroports but I always seem to end up with the port area per foot in the red or it seems really small... Subs are gonna end up slightly underpowered so was thinking box should be around 10.5-11cuft but I feel 12cuft would be too big...
  10. Specs are 44w, 19.5h, and like to stay around 30d... I've really wanted to do an aeroport box for awhile now but I can't get it to work out right on that app hahaha...beening looking at 2 8in ports... I do believe 3-3.5cuft per sub is the magic number... Subs will be 2 inverted, one in the box so sub displacement is 0.23... Where I'm stuck now...
  11. Been told to stay around 9cuft (3cuft each) with the Contralto 15s and nothing is working out Gotten so frustrated with it that just gave up... And no computer now so can't download anything to help me figure out what I'm doing *shrug* Also don't know if should go with 2 8in aeroports like originally planned or just slot port it. This is my 2nd attempt at a box, first one didn't work out...
  12. Put everything into the re box calculator and comes out different but will it work?
  13. So trying to figure out how to make a box and am I doing this right? Gave up on the aeroports... 3 15s on ns1 amp... Debating on inverting all 3 subs or maybe just 2...not sure what would look good...
  14. Now its in the red lol Port area 157.08in2 Port area per foot/liter 13.7in2 (but showing red) Total net of the box 11.46
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