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  1. I had the 2 15s in my envoy but due to very limited funds I'm moving the box (and rest of the build) to my mom's car for my trip to Florida in a few months. The box is pretty small for 2 15s so why will fit in her car with no issues. Question is How should I go about making my box fit in my moms trunk? Subs facing rear seat, top firing port Subs facing trunk, top firing box Subs up, port firing into car Subs up, port firing into trunk 2013 Kia Rio
  2. Thomas1994


    Well sent it to someone else so maybe can get a design or a box... I swapped to 1 sub and got louder but it's in a box for 2 subs though so looks dumb right now lmfao Hoping a proper box keeps me just as loud and less tacky
  3. Thomas1994


    And? Am I missing something? Was told by someone not enough info to make a proper box...
  4. Thomas1994


    Does anyone have ts specs on the crescendo contralto 15s?
  5. Switched to a single sub and gained. Need to make a new box now and be ready for a show! Also switched from 2 50.4s to 1 125.4...
  6. Thomas1994


    Sadly the only picture I could get before I pulled it all trying to flip box again lol totally messed my back up! I know he had all wires in the speaker terminals on the amp so I just need to figure out the jumpers or am I still off on wiring? Hate to have to drive 3hrs back to his house to get em hooked up again... I pulled the wire out of box as well so hopefully wiring can look better since subs won't be in box now...
  7. Thomas1994


    How do I wire my 2 15s to my ns1 amp? Is there a diagram? Accidently pulled the wires and I don't know how to fix it Never wired a thing in my life...
  8. Small update Not starting the new year very well. I bought a blown SAX 125.4 and on the way to the repair shop. Now bad news. Had to file a claim with my insurance. If adjuster decides wanna pay out, will probably total my vehicle. I will buy it back but basically be starting this build over since everything will have to be pulled out.
  9. Thomas1994

    21 inch subs? who makes good ones ?

  10. So debating on 3 6.5s (be 1 Crescendo neo and 2 Deaf Bounce machete mm60) 1 6.5 and 1 8 (be 1 Crescendo neo 6.5 and Deaf Bonce DB-W80) 2 6.5s and 1 8 (be 2 Crescendo neo 6.5s and 1 Deaf Bounce DB-W80) ***if go with this would be eliminating rear door speakers*** What would you go with? The ft1s will stay in current spot and will not be in the door pods.
  11. Quality is poor... Was cold and windy, was trying to hurry. It cuts off really fast because I got interrupted by a old grouchy farmer lol
  12. Thomas1994

    21 inch subs? who makes good ones ?

    2 Incrimantor Audio Warden 21s would handle the power being neos...
  13. Oh! Sold the machete tweeters and working on getting some deaf bounce 6.5s to add to the build
  14. Need to get videos but too cold! When it gets a smidge warmer I will get a good video for everyone!