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  1. So I am wondering can the agm and lithium be ran together? My d3400 I had for the back kinda just gave up, I was thinking about getting a limitless 25ah to run with my xs xp3000 for my back bank. So just wanna make sure can run them together with no issues.
  2. Thank you so much for the help! Now I know wanna go with 3 common walls
  3. The links in Torres no longer work for common port wall...so... Can someone explain common port wall? Trying to put a wall together, and I don't know if I need 1,2, or 3 common walls. Thanks!
  4. This is a temporary fix to a temporary problem. Was gonna throw a new box together but I ended up with some other unexpected expenses on this build... Just wanna try something different just to get it playing until September...
  5. Its going in the box, just measuring something why it was upside down haha 3 subs, 1 giant amp lol
  6. Is there any way can run 2 subs forward, and one on top of the box like so?
  7. https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/speakers/products/6-5-component-speakers
  8. Outta be interesting trying to heave a 200+lbs box into my SUV alone lol I got help building it but she isn't allowed to pick up anything heavy so gonna be on me to get it in haha Yeah the driver couldn't remember where he delivered it so SHCA will just have to file a claim monday
  9. I'm looking at about 10cuft box at 33hz lol My SUV was suppose to take a d3400 and just cut the tray and shoved a d6500 in there Trying to figure out all this is gonna fit in my baby space got lol Envoy, removed 3rd row so trying to cram a big box in there, huge amp, and a 3 battery bank haha Was hoping to avoid a 200lbs box but eh gotta do whatever, wanna be playing by August 2nd... FedEx lost my SHCA package which had 2 spools of OFC 2/0 so build is in limbo now
  10. Its 29.99/sheet here sometimes find it at $26.99/sheet if running a special The birch plywood here doesn't look quality to me and the Baltic Birch is just insane! Wanted to try something new but having to replace my head unit wiring harness for $60 really ruined my budget.
  11. I wasn't looking at birch ply because didn't really look great but found Baltic birch but had some unexpected cost with my head unit so just not enough wiggle room for $70/sheet so guess MDF it is like I need 2-3 sheets If it was a 1 sheet box, heck yeah go get that baltic birch but sadly isn't...
  12. Well for your information dick head I had to replace to my wiring harness on my radio for $60 so it kinda put a dent in my funds for wood So sorry can't afford $150 on wood but thought maybe was something else on the market besides before and mdf... I got about $100 left for wood after spending tons of money on everything else Not take your hateful crap somewhere else
  13. Only place here even sells Birch in full 4x8 is menards... They got like some plywood birch for $60/sheet and then baltic birch for $70/sheet
  14. Well wanna make it lighter then MDF but can't bite bullet on birch because its $70/sheet I saw this maple stuff for $50/sheet and was wondering if that would even work for sub box. Only ever see MDF or Birch...
  15. You didn't need to give a digusting answer when was asking a serious question.
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