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  1. A lil more progress. Ran out of 180, so theres still some clean up that needs done, but I will touch it up later when I finish the door panels. For now, its close enough for govt work. Got the Bondo mostly sanded n test fit to see how I like the look. I wanted clean n simple, but not totally plain. Here it is in primer. I think I accomplished what I was after on these. By the time I finish the doors, I will decide if I want to paint them or wrap them. If it will help the sound, they will be wrapped in a fabric of some sort, but we will see.
  2. I'm a believer after my lil test I did w the towels. I've been researching what types of fabric and padding that has a similar effect to recover the top of my dash, pillars and a few other accent panels with. I will probably end up making several trips to the fabric store looking for the closest results I can, but its also gotta look like it was designed that way.
  3. I've gotten to the point where I pretty much always use bolts and threaded inserts. I dont like T nuts or wood screws myself
  4. Nice. Ima check some of these out, but... How did you put a playlist in the post?
  5. Good choices. Never heard Joe Bonamassa, but I put on Slow gin n it sounded real nice on mine too.
  6. I know what ya mean. This car audio thing takes time to do it right huh. I cut my doors up a few weeks ago n just now got some time to work on this stuff.
  7. Appreciate it. Hoping I can get a few more progress pics before the end of the day.
  8. I got a lil bit of free time to fool around on the truck today. Took a few progress pics of the pillars and called it a day. Got them fiberglassed... Duraglassed... ...and first coat of bondo Should have them in primer tomorrow if I can get a cpl more hours of free time. Fingers crossed.
  9. We all got our faves... When you're talkn about car audio w somebody n they want to hear your set up, what's your "go-to playlist"? Not necessarily your favorite songs, but the ones you play for them that really make your music shine? I've got so many, it just depends on what kinda music they listen to, but... Rap, Bass - Trap House 3, Late night Tip, UGK n Jeezy Rock - Pantera- Cemetary Gates, Korn- Another brick in the wall cover, NIN- Closer or almost anything by Metallica n Manson Classic Rock - Dire Straits- walk of Life, Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb, AC/DC- Thunderstruck, Tesla- Love Song, Guns n Roses and Journey or Eagles Country - Josh Turner- Long Black train, Garth Brooks- More than a memory, Thunder Rolls and Chris Stapleton- Tennessee Whiskey Vocals - Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Isley Bros and Keith Whitley 60 + - Righteous Brothers, Frank Sinatra n Roy Orbison ...but myself, I can appreciate almost any "good" music by most artists of any genre.
  10. Flikr has worked pretty good for me. All ya got to do is left click on pic in album and copy the page url n it will automatically display in post
  11. Yea I'm looking forward to working my mids around the big hump on the driver side of dash, if that's what you mean. I was playing around with my speaker placement before I decided where I want the tweeter to be on my pillars and to my (inexperienced) ears it seemed to sound best 12" down and on axis to the opposite seat with the mids just below and slightly further back, aimed about 2 feet behind windshield on roof. Granted, I only spent about 20 minutes and didnt have any real precise tuning to work with, but I thought it shouldve sounded better if both were on axis. ? This is only an idea until I upgrade and can retest using the actual speakers because I would imagine it's possible for 2 similar speakers to sound their best in 2 different locations. I'm confident at some point I can get it to sound good to my ears though. (I've never heard a true SQ vehicle, so I probably wouldnt know the difference anyways lol) So... What is a rainbow effect?
  12. Can I ask, what are your views on setting up the front stage?
  13. So I guess at that point if you chose a smaller wideband vs a larger midrange, you could just rely on the midbass to fill in where the mids cant n have the same balance. I think i just need to find a small mid that has alot of output n not break the bank
  14. Well I have a DSP, but havent hooked it up yet and have zero experience tuning one, so would you suggest a 4" mid in the pillar along w my tweeter?
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