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  1. I really like the burn effect on that box. Makes me want to try that out sometime
  2. I believe it. Yea I have some fairly basic equipment at the moment, but when the funds allow I plan to replace almost all the gear I currently have as I go from 1 project of my build to the next. No ending is good for people like us. I dont what I'd do if I ever got it just right lol
  3. Well i guess what I mean is due to my limited SQ experience, I dont believe I have the capability to build a top notch SQ car yet. I do believe I will have a much better idea of what "true SQ" means by the end of my current project, but as with anything, not everyone has the same problem solving abilities, want to or attention to detail it takes to do certain things on a higher level... I can understand that. The planning and creative process is what I enjoy most about most things. In everything I take on, I dot my "I's" cross my "T's" and recheck to make sure I didnt cross my eyes, so I think that's one of the reasons ive gotten more interested in SQ lately. It seems like more of a challenge to get it right, so I can understand why youd only want to do it once, the right way.
  4. I can respect and enjoy a floating brick or sound as light as a feather, but I'm beginning to notice it takes alot more foresight and finesse to brave an SQ setup. I love all things audio, but as I read and learn more about "real SQ", I can see it takes alot more to do right than what most are capable of.
  5. In 1992 I got an MEI 150+150 that didnt work. We pulled the cover off, soldered in some new bits, put it in the trunk of my Nova n went boom. That was the beginning of the end for me.
  6. Where to go? If Kennywcc needs directions to my garage, just let me know lol... Love it, beautiful cars!
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