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  1. Kinda like that color stain
  2. Hard to troubleshoot w it not in front of ya like Steve said, but my first thought is if there's a subwoofer level control, check that and EQ. Idk jus my .01¢
  3. Here's a few pics of the hood how it sets now. Not sure if I will keep the beveled edges, but when I see it all in primer Im sure I will make some changes to get it just right. Weather permitting, it will be in K36 tomorrow!
  4. Thank you sir. I'm getting antsy tho, need this thing back on the road already so I can have my music. I got plans for the truck interior, including almost every piece of equipment to be upgraded and I'm ready to get back to those upgrades asap.
  5. Now to help clean up the back section. There's an odd looking void between the 2 skins that need closed up, not only for cosmetics, but for structural and rust prevention also. Used some masking tape to trace the edges and make templates to cap the rear for a factory sorta look. Here's the 3 filler pieces trimmed up and contoured, ready to go. Got the 2 end pieces tacked in place, need to flip the hood for a better look at the middle one though. Got em welded solid and cleaned up some
  6. Got the hood finished up last night. Will post completed pics later, but here's some of what I've done since last update. Cut a 3"x12" piece of sheetmal and panel bonding for some extra reinforcement to help it keep shape over time. Got it all fit up and tacked, ready to weld. I didn't care for the boxy look of the other version that I saw online, so I matched mine closer to the angle of my grill. When pushed back to get the look I want, I had to cut a 2" slit down the middle to release the pressure. ... But that's the fun of making something fit th
  7. This is my philosophy (most times) when it comes to customizing. If I modify something I want it to almost appear as if the factory hired me and it was engineered that way. Much harder to match and blend than not to.
  8. I jus looked back at the first page n answered my own question lol I was jus curious if it had the drivetrain from a 1 ton
  9. Nothin wrong w that. The DC I've heard sounded real nice to my ears. I've never heard either personally, but apparently i need to see how these stack up to the DC lol
  10. I have an HDC3 12 now. However, I do plan to get all new stuff as the funds allow. I want more of an SQ setup this time.
  11. I know somebody on here has got to have a project worth sharing w us lol We need eye candy.
  12. I will say if I didn't decide to mod this HD hood, I woulda had no problems leaving it as is. These trucks don't need much help looking good.
  13. Looking good. Love to see the end results. Soon as I finish the paintwork on my truck, I'm starting the interior and building a console w a 12, (most likely firing to the rear) provided I can get the airspace needed.
  14. Yesterday's progress. My factory hood needed alot of work, so as I contemplated jus getting another one vs the work it'll take to get my existing one right, I decided I may as well get an aftermarket hood w a lil more character. After looking at my options, I found very few that fit the look I wanted without being too common or too cheesy. Then a saw one in my Google image search that I had to have. It was an HD hood, but nobody carried one for my truck. I came to the conclusion that nobody even made one for my truck, or during the time I spent looking for one, I'd have it built al
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