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  1. SSF is to keep your sub from unloading and under control below your tuning frequency. Most people will say set it between 5-7 db below tuning. My box is tuned to 32, but I dont have enough power to get my sub really moving enough to matter, so I set mine a bit lower (around 23) because why not lol The power you have, I'd prob be more conservative than what my 1200 watt amp is capable of.
  2. That would be awful kind of you. I'm in the process of packing up to move to Michigan, but you've piqued my interest. I actually remember someone else who suggested a Dayton sub (cant remember if its same model) for the smooth response, but at the time i wanted loud, so I got the Soundqubed. I see your sig says "Super sellers list" do you have a store?
  3. $140 is pretty affordable compared to the others I've looked at
  4. Are you selling it or is it in your car? I live in Houston, where are you?
  5. Hows the overall sound compare to the Ultimax?
  6. I just looked at the specs n read some reviews n seems like it's a solid option. 600 watts should be sufficient for what I need.
  7. You know I heard a Dayton Ultimax in a car that sounded real nice. I assume it sounds better?
  8. Wow. You know ya got that sounding real nice if no sub is necessary to cover the lows. But yea, the console and subs will be getting done this winter after I get everything else up front and the exterior finishef... but I like to have a plan to keep in mind as I go, so i can plan my design around. I know theres so many little things that I dont know about, but this truck is a learning experience for me, so one day I will stop asking so many questions. Maybe. lol
  9. Yea, that's why I say "SQ-esque" lol bc when that song comes on I like to turn it up from time to time. I dont need this one to shake my truck apart, I just want it to sound full and to feel it when the bass drops. I plan on everything getting replaced as I go. The Soundqubed can go in my Riviera, what you got in mind?
  10. That's what I figured. Low FS and QTS? And how low would you consider tuned low for SQ? I've thought about a sealed box for this one, so I can fit 2 10s in my console, but i dont know if i can get it low enough for my taste and it would need to be a downfire design or vertical/ perpendicular arrangement behind the armrest to work.
  11. I do, but I've heard them tuned 28-29 and 34hz as well n I dont know if you can make them subs not go low lol And yes, they will move some air for sure.
  12. Hey yall! So Im ATTEMPTING my very first "SQ-esque" set up and planning my sub stage for an extended cab full-size truck. At the moment, I have a single 12" Soundqubed HDC3 in a 2.25 ft box tuned at 32 hz. It sounds pretty good and shakes every panel on my truck (needs soundproofing), but I'm not sure if it is necessary for this project. My current plan is a console box in hope of keeping my rear seat. A few things I'm tossing around in my head are the sub and port orientation and aside from a DSP, what can help me get a smoother frequency response. What I currently have in mind is the sub facing the rear seat and the port underneath it. I've already checked my measurements and theres plenty of room to work with, without making it look silly, but I'd love to hear some opinions on what others have tried. I want my console to be clean looking, so I dont want the sub up where I need functionality. I see people using a side firing or downfire design up closer to your feet and say it helps blend the sub with the front stage, but I've never had any problems with this using simple EQ'ing... but I'm always open to new ideas. Thoughts?
  13. This. 4.25 ft and 68-70 in of port area but I'd personally I like it tuned a bit lower, around 30hz
  14. Gotcha. Wasnt sure if the wave pattern was a dual purpose kinda thing, to diffuse unwanted sound under door panel lol
  15. Playin around at the shop. Will be starting the metal and bodywork this weekend. I have a few minor dings to fix and 2 rusty cab corners but... The real question is 1996 fenders... or 1956 (I'm thinkin '56 will be just fine)
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