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  1. The new version of Google Sketchup. I've never wanted to choke my monitor with it's own cords and then throw it out the window so badly as when using that torture device of a program. FAAAAACK!
  2. ^^^ That method by BareVids is awesome. I use a tone generator on my phone and it is louder than any recording I have. You can get a 3.3mfd cap on amazon for under 5 bucks, and if you have a spare small speaker lying around, I suggest trying it... if even just for shits and giggles.
  3. Jesus... that thing makes my BMW M5 look like a slouch! Those cars are practically standing still as you pass!
  4. Yes, you did. This is just reinforcing what you said. I still want to hear a set to see why the sound is sub par, but I'm not going to buy them.
  5. Damn. I've been lusting after a set of the 3-ways also, but you're making me re-think it. I feel your pain that's such a let down!
  6. Hey, my name is Justin I was so excited today... I got my first 'bass face'!!!! My buddy came over to see what I was doing to my truck. I just got my B2 Ref12 installed and lit it up for him.... The song started playing (over Focal mids and highs) and he's like "sounds nice".... then the bass kicked. His look was priceless! First thing he said was "Holy shit I wasn't expecting that!" I've still got a shit eating grin.... Anyway I am 40yrs old. I've been into car audio from the beginning.... I had a subscription to Car Stereo Review before I even had a license, lol. I am an old school Burner( been going for well over a decade). We have a camp out there called "SpeakCheasy". It's a bar that serves all things cheese.... from food stuff to jokes to whatever else you can consider cheesy. Come visit us around 3:00 and keyhole! (we've taken a year or two off but we will be back). I am a massive bass head but I am all about SQ, and when I build things I tend to over build them. By trade I am a builder. We contract some nice stuff all over the Northern CA coast. (Mendocino) Anyway just wanted to say "hi" and give a little background as to who I am. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible, and a HUGE thank you to Steve for all you do for this community! Props man!! Almost forgot to mention my rides. The DD is a Ford Ranger (for work) but it's the one with sound, so I can keep my sanity. My 'fun' car is a BMW E39 M5. and it's VERY fun!... but it's stock sound. Sounds damn good, but I'm more about the exhaust note on that one. Finally I have an Austin Healey '59 Bugeye Sprite track car, that's constantly in the garage.
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