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  1. I know what you mean. She's everywhere in my life..... not a damn thing that doesn't have her all over it. I've been considering selling everything and leaving my old life behind but I think I might be jumping the gun. I'm not ready to say goodbye, even though I've already had to. I don't know what to do. I'm at such a loss here. You know, the way we first hooked up was from me making a "mix tape" for her. She thought it was so cute. She was a beautiful woman. When she was in the hospital she asked that I make a new mix tape for her. I put a song list together, but I never got the chance to give it to her. She actually asked that it were more of the music that I preferred. She never got to listen to it. They were all my favorite tracks. Now when I try to listen to them, I break down every time.
  2. Like the title says, the love of my life passed away on the morning of Dec 3rd. She was 33. She had been sick for a while. We knew back in September that she needed a transplant, but I didn't expect her to go downhill so quickly. FWIW she died peacefully in her sleep. Sorry for a heavy trip, but I'm heartbroken and I'm trying to figure out how to listen to the music she and I enjoyed together. I've been broken since she died. I haven't been able to do anything. Eating and sleeping are finally just starting to get back to some sort of semblance of normal. I still can't sleep in our bed; I sleep on the couch every night. I can't play PS4... I have no attention span... my thoughts always go to her. I can't listen to music without being an emotional wreck. The only solace I've found is with work and audio books on my time off... but I want to start listening to our beats again. I know this prolly sounds weird to anyone that hasn't lost a partner, but I've dealt with death before and this has broken me like I've never felt before. Anyone who has felt pain like this in their life... if you have any suggestions please I'm all ears. I know it just takes time, but I need help right now.
  3. Anyone else on here have to deal with the PG&E blackouts in CA? We had no power, internet, or phone lines for over 5 days straight where I live. Thank god for generators, but it made me realize just how reliant on being "plugged in" I've become. No internet for almost a week... yuk. Lines for the only working gas station in town spanned over 6 square blocks; they partitioned off 3 side roads just to make room for the people waiting to get gas. Cops evvvvverywhere to deal with looting issues. It was starting to feel very post apocalyptic.
  4. That's cool to hear about the owner of Fi. I love companies that are down to earth and willing to help us little guys out! I had a similar experience with a tech from Focal. Super nice guy and followed up with a ton of info for my for my specific situation. I think Fi is going to be my next brand once I decide to upgrade my sub stage from 1x12" to something larger. Can't wait to hear how your system sounds! 4x15's makes me just a little jealous...
  5. Chamfered will look the cleanest and be the easiest to work with if you're gonna wrap it. If you're going to leave it wood, then round over might look the cleanest IMHO.
  6. Man I had the same problem with my sub and 1/4-20 machine screws. It's annoying as shit that the mounting holes aren't large enough to accommodate them. For the meantime I have it mounted with normal T25 stainless wood screws. I'm really glad I didn't install the threaded inserts before testing them! Anyway the only way I see to get around it is to either buy smaller machine screws and threaded inserts or to bore out the screw holes on the subwoofer flange. .... I'm actually leaning to the latter so I can have decent thread size holding them in place, but I haven't done the deed yet. I'm going to make the decision once I finally get around to wrapping the box and beautifying the amp rack.
  7. Just out of curiosity, what about these babies entices you?
  8. I have a single B2 ref 12 and instead of getting another I'm thinking of switching to (2) Fi ferrite Q12's. I absolutely love the B2 Ref12, but they're a little low on power handling.... Though it still surprises me that a single B2 12" makes water bottles dance in the cup holder at 27hz with only 500w power. I'm curious to see what 2 Fi Q12's can do with over 5 times the power....
  9. It really depends on the brand of the subwoofer. Some are considerably underrated (like Sundown... or a lot of the quality brands for that matter), and some are severely overrated in their power handling (like Rockville). What brand are you looking at?
  10. I think it has something to do with the phase shift that crossovers inherently have. I don't know the science behind it (it's way over my head) but there can be major phase issues when you use crossovers in series. By setting the head unit to the highest point you are eliminating the first crossover and avoiding the phase cancellation issues. I wonder if this can also be achieved by switching from a second order (12db slope) to a 3rd or 1st order. You can google crossover phase changes and find a LOT of technical info about it, but be prepared for a lot of head scratching...
  11. I had an "oops" when building mine, too. When I did the math for the part of the vent that wraps around the back, I measured wrong by 3/4" (forgot to add the thickness of the wood) so the port was almost wider for half of it... but fortunately I caught it and it was an easy fix. It's definitely easy to make simple mistakes, especially if you're excited or in a hurry. It's looking good, man! Do you plan on carpeting it or just painting it? If you're carpeting it, you might want to add channels to stuff the carpet into for a clean look.
  12. That looks like a tight fit. Have you made sure you will be able to rotate it into place once it's fully built? Might save you another headache...
  13. For testing purposes should be fine, (just don't play above 25% of rated power during test to be safe) but ultimately you need to use the same size ground as your power wire.
  14. Not yet, but I plan to in the future. I am still very early in the build.
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