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  1. Stripped my vehicle and a flood came and then let my parts sit in heat and fires came
  2. I was just pissed off by the witchcraft I seen from them voodoo losers and I shut covens down and burn nations. So I’m kind of mad. Nobody fears god anymore. They fear disease and the devil. So I’m gonna show them who burnt sodom and Gomorrah. I don’t play that witchcraft shit. I know it real well like I’ve been fighting it for thousands of years. Just carry 3 pennies. I left the forum with 3666 posts. Y’all may not believe that. But the admin can check it.
  3. I figured you weren’t that old and said that to fish out this answer.
  4. It’s weird that fires were abundant in the areas of the main people I fuck with on this forum just so I could show my closest homies what big homie Michael can do.
  5. But you probably were born in 1972. So no relation lol
  6. I like your screen name because their are 72 Canaanite statues in Solomon's vineyard. Solomon is a lying bitch though that tries to speak on my behalf too. Weird.
  7. I died back in 2/12/2002 when the 4th Winter Olympics came and came back 3 days later and found it appropriate to bang 5 Olympic Games later. 45 is the secret arrival. Isaiah 45.
  8. Think of it like Cryrus the great but stronger and more stable
  9. I seen some witchcraft on the forum so I jumped off and flexed on the whole fucking world and shook the moon. I shut witchcraft down and flooded their nations and burnt their practicing areas.
  10. I’m back. And nah I’m not out the car audio game. I just had to set things straight and shake things up throughout the world. It’s called a gangster sabbatical. Y’all seen what happened in the world when I left the forum.
  11. I’m glad you answered on my behalf even though I never told you to speak for me. No worries though. But if he did do aeroports on that high of a qts and that low of an fs. What should he tune them 2 8” aero ports to?
  12. I have a better idea. Message me so I can tell you my phone number and I can help you better.
  13. Squeeze another .5 cubic foot net to equal 12 cubic foot net and do 8” aero ports (3) from big ass ports. Don’t worry about going against recommended specs, it’s not out of the norm to do this and companies use recommended specs as a guideline and they know and we know things vary on each application. The max length per port they sell is 22”. So on 3 of them ports, that would be 35hz tuning on 12 cubic foot net and about 12.285 square inches of port per cubic foot. Which is nice on an aero port build. Now let me figure the displacements of ports and subwoofer and I’m gonna add 0.7 cubic foot displacement for bracing. Subwoofers are about .23 cubic foot per subwoofer. And each port has a displacement of about 0.705 cubic foot. So to yield 12 cubic foot net volume, you have to add these figures to that net volume so you know the gross volume of the actual enclosure you are trying to get as close as possible to when typing in measurements. 15.275 cubic foot gross volume is what’s needed.
  14. James is a douche and has poor customer service skills and don’t ever try to send something back to him or you’ll have to call your bank to straighten things out, same if he messes up and lets you buy something he hasn’t machined yet that’s out of stock and tells you he doesn’t know when said products are gonna be available when he is the one who machines them products and comes at people rude, lol! Then his mistake becomes somebody else’s headache. That has happened to me dealing with that dude. I told him I don’t want any of his products since he wants to let me pay for some inputs he doesn’t have and told me he didn’t know when them inputs would be available but kept my money and then comes at me like a douche when I try to inquire about said inputs and then I mailed the products back and he tried giving me $83 back when he should of gave me $148 back and wouldn’t explain why and there isn’t a return section on his website that speaks on return policies, so I guess he wanted to be a restock thief from far away like a coward. I didn’t even ask him for shipping money when it was his fault for letting me buy inputs that he didn’t have and sending me the other inputs and then telling me after he accepted my money that he doesn’t have them inputs and doesn’t give me my money back and then I ask him the eta on them inputs, that were about $28, and he minstrates at me like I did something wrong when he is at fault and I was being respectful. How does he expect me to keep them inputs and wait on his douche to fill and squirt at me with some inputs he doesn’t want to make or me keep the inputs he sent me and buy mismatching inputs to complete a set from another vendor? Nah. So I gave him multiple chances to make things better and he didn’t and then stopped answering my emails. So I called my bank, got my money back instantly as a credit while the case is being investigated and I waited and I won. I’ve never met a james I like. Every james I’ve met is a douche. Just like every amber I’ve met lies and is crazy lol. But yeah, it was a headache. And I think it’s awesome that the OP made this viral so when people Google or search on here about Jim’s machineworx they can find this and know that if he messes up or you want to send something back then it’s gonna be a headache and he isn’t gonna be honorable and is gonna be a douche when you call him on it. This needs to be known because not too many people speak up about things like this so people know what to expect. But I understand where snowdrifter is coming from. This isn’t the correct thread section to post that. This thread section is to speak on forum transactions so forum members know what’s up with other forum members when it comes to business on this forum. Welcome to the forum and now you know.
  15. Tune on -5db tones if you listen to rebassed, bass boosted, decaf, or young jeezy. Tune on -10db tones if you listen to regular music. Now on a mids and highs amp, I would tune it at 0db, -3db, or -5db because you want mids and highs to be steady clean.
  16. That port is way too small. And you aren’t understanding 12volt measuring, you inputed gross volume instead of net volume, a port has volume itself and would tune that gross volume you calculated to a smaller volume, called a net volume. You enter a net volume into that port calculator. And you are not understand recommendations in reference to sizing. You put the port size recommendation of one subwoofer on 3 subwoofers, you should of tripled it. But even if you listen to recommendations and calculate correctly doesn’t mean that’s the best enclosure. It’ll be a decent to good enclosure. But not the best. The only way to design the best enclosure on a setup is to calculate the subwoofers parameter in reference to the rms of whatever amp you are using. So with that said, recommendations are just a safe call and not always the best call. Because rms changes the enclosure and port sizing and the parameters determine the sizing too. So the ONLY way to make a custom enclosure best to fit your car audio set up is to calculate the subwoofers and amp, in laymen terms. I can help you so you can get that crap out your trunk and turn it into something loud and sexy. Because a super small port like that smothers output and isn’t loud. Just let me know if you are trying to get loud.
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