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  1. Box Design for 2 Sundown ZV5 18's 14.25 cubes after displacement and 29-30Hz tuning 48Wx28Dx24H inch external dimensions.
  2. We got the Epicenter figured out and I learned more about it. It actually works for what it's for, just hard to get a bearing on exactly what it does which is annoying for me. Oh well. Two more boxes for your bass wumpers to burr some womps or something. Single 18" 7 cubes, 34Hz. Fits in older Ford Explorers. The early 2000's ones. https://youtu.be/DXxOXha7Hgc Quad Kicker 12" box... or any other 12" subs that it's right for. 9.95 cu. ft. 33Hz. Fits older Escalade. https://youtu.be/o88oK5NN7Tk My GW-124 in my truck and yes
  3. Also I just want to make a little note that, for my area, I seem to be better than other installers/builders simply for not being a scammer. The last guy that came through for that box had someone else helping him out before and they kind of seemed to take advantage of him. He had 4 of those Boss Phantom 1150 Watt subs not knowing they weren't rated accurately, same with his Hifonics amp. Who ever set up his radio also had a high pass set to like 80 Hz on his subwoofer out which I couldn't figure out for a little while since I wasn't familiar with the radio. Then he also had one of those "Epic
  4. Let me know if you need more explanation on how that box goes together. I was pretty worn out a little while ago but doing better now.
  5. I'll have some videos on that box again inside a vehicle later. It was working pretty well IMO, and it's a neat box. More of an experiment than anything. I did hook it up to the same amp I had in the basement briefly inside of my truck then the amp blew out a couple of mosfets so I ordered new mosfets. I had the gain cranked to 100% without noticing, and it's only 4 ohm stable so. lol. It blowed up. Maybe that amp will be working in the future, either that or I'll get my JL amp fixed. Today I put a couple chinese chip amps in my truck for a pair of 6.5 woofers and 5 1/4 coaxials an
  6. With the port up, and the subs on each side, it would be loud as shit everywhere in the cabin. I think that'd be the way to go, and you have the design.
  7. 9.95 cu. ft. box for four 12 inch kickers tuned to 33Hz. Not sure what the basket displacement but guessing about 9.5 cu. ft. and 34 ish Hz tuning after displacement. The guy has his speakers in a 1.6 cu. ft./sub (before desplacement) 33Hz tuned prefab that I really don't like... this should get him going
  8. The cut sheets are downloadable from this link: https://archive.org/details/bracing-and-port-corner-location Use the program FreeCAD to look at the model to get a better idea on how it goes together.
  9. I just read about that 28 Hz was one of the "most efficient" frequencies. I missed that. You're tuned lower than you thought I'm pretty sure. If you want to get a 150 just to get one then You could probably get it by moving your port tuning up a couple different ways. 1. Shorten the port. 2. place solid objects in the box to take up some air volume. This will also bring the port tuning up some and you have a bit oversized box so you won't end up under the recommended box size. Otherwize, you've got a great box for making lots of low low bass!
  10. If the port is 4 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 31 inches long then the tuning, I think, is more like 27 Hz If the port is 4 inches tall, 31 inches wide, and 28 inches long then the tuning, I think, is more like 29.5 Hz. I think the box might just be tuned lower than you think.... but that doesn't completely explain everything. I just used WinISD to get a gauge on what it's tuned at. I wasn't sure how to interpret your port measurements so I gave both ways I could interpret it.
  11. Any chance I could get some info on that box? Like internal dimensions, air volume, length, width, height of the port. Things seem kind of weird with how it's responding. Are the woofers moving a lot at 52 Hz? Usually at the tuning frequency the woofers move the least and the impedance is the least. It'd be really, really odd for your box to be tuned to 52 Hz yet peak under the tuning frequency I would think, and it would also be very odd for the box to be tuned to 35 Hz yet have the least impedance at 52 Hz... right? Would it not be impossible for a box to make peak SPL un
  12. Do you have the impedence meter/signal generator? You could use it to find your true port tuning as the weather changes. Maybe you could also test whether it moves when the car is completely open (windows, hatch, etc) verses the entire car closed. I'd be interested in seeing what exactly happens to the box tuning as the temperature changes and when box is in a more open environment versed more closed. That box looks great btw.
  13. As it gets colder your port tuning moves. The air is more dense. You're experiencing your port tuning moving lower, I think. It's kind of odd that you're getting more SPL... maybe not given your specific set up/sub choice, but a lot of subwoofers will make purely more SPL (not sql though) with higher port tuning that allows peak SPL in the 40-50Hz range. If the subwoofers were brand new, then you are probably also experiencing the suspension loosening up to some extent although that stage of the subwoofer's life is definitely over if you've been playing them a lot which I would guess you are s
  14. One side only 7241.40625 cu. in. without bracing. 21.25x1.5x3.5x2 = front and back bracing 12.5x1.5x3.5x2= port and side bracing 15.5x1.5x3.5 = Bottom brace 6805.65625 cu. in. after bracing without speaker cutout. Speaker cutout: 235.05 cu. in. 6805.65625 + 235.05 cu. in. 7040.70625 cu. in. / (12x12x12) = 4.074482784 cu. ft. / side 29.75 inch long port, 5 inch wide, 15.5 inch length. Total Volume of both chambers: 8.149 cu. ft. Volume after sub basket displacement
  15. Are you planning on running tweeters and mids separate? You can get whatever you like that has good reviews I guess as long as you're customizing door panels and what not to fit. If you're just using the stock speaker location then practically nothing is going to keep up with those subwoofers. I like Dayton Audio speakers for good, reliable, well priced speakers. I'm not sure which ones would work in a "sort-of" infinite baffle like a door speaker would. I'd bet a lot of the 20-40 dollar price range mid-bass poly cone woofers would do about what you want them to as far as mid bass
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