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  1. Yeah I will. Of course being streamed off youtube music has suppression I won't be listening off of a usb or Bluetooth.
  2. So I saw the manual that said use -10 for loud setting. So what is the -15 used for? Wouldn't that be used for louder sound? I did some research and found music these days whether it be pop or hip hop use a range between -12 to -14 on their recordings.
  3. That's what confuses me. Most standard music is recorded at around -12 db if you listen to just plain out the cd music. So if -10 is the loudest what is -15? Sorry for necro I did a Google search and this post came up
  4. Did anyone have an issue removing the battery on the dd1? Mine is stuck I can't pull out the battery unless I pull hard which I did and it ripped the boot exposing the wires. Who can I talk to about this issue? 200 dollars you'd think would be made better than a Chinese plastic toy
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