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  1. Sorry i was gone. But thanks for all your help she's been sounding great. The one thing i need help on is the gain offset. It say -10 for louder but its actually making it lower right? Or how does it work?
  2. Im using the alpine ilx w650. Like i said, running off Android auto which will be my primary use of signal it has no distortion even at max. I know this changes depending of other sources. So youre saying if you were me youd just leave the amp hpf at the lowest setting and just use the headunit? Guess i could try that and see if I get that clipping noise. I may not even mess with it at all it doesnt sound too bad i just wish id get a but more bass from mid range since as i stated before sometimes i dont want to rumble with the bass
  3. So assuming id go the HU route would I leave the amp at the lowest or still use the 100 hz on both the amp and the headunit? And so you would also recommend i use -12 db on the headunit and the amp since they add up?( Assuming it is -12 and i test it out and find no distortion) i just use the headunit set at -24 since thats what the dd1 and cc1 manual says is the main "recommended" or most commonly used slope for 100 hz
  4. Well thats what im about. I've read two rules of thumb. On the head unit set the xover the highest it can go. And ive also read to set it to the lowest it can go. The gain on the amp is set with the dd1 at -10. Which on my headunit using android auto as it will be the main source of sound it can go to 35/35 without distortion. And just to make sure i was doing it correctly i messed with the gains to get it to turn on which it did. I dont believe the speakers are damaged as i can hear sound perfectly clear as long as i set the xover on the headunit to -24db 100hz and on the amp set to hpf no ba
  5. Well he explained the slope. But my amp either with or without an overlap starts.clipping my speakers horribly. Way before i even get to no distortion max volume. The only way ive found that removes this is by adding the slope. But ive heard using ano crossover and headunit crossover can introducing a type of clipping. Cc1 says do everything to flat. Flat on the xover is only 80hz for front rear and sub. So thats what i tune the amp with. I read people say to raise the xover all the way up if there is no off and i read people say use the lowest. So which one should i use?
  6. Ok but its my first system and my first tune. After reading some stuff i keep reading about blends using slopes. So if i set my subwoofers to 80 hz what slope would i use for the mids and highs? The manual only shows 100 hz at -24 db and 125 at -12. I retuned it to 100 hz ran the slope at -24db and also ive read about hu lpf and hpf. Mine doesnt have a off so where should i set that to when i tune using the cc1?
  7. I got a dd1 and a cc1. I got a alpine ilx-650 it didnt distort even at max volume 35 out of 35. I even changed the setting on headunit to make sure using bass boost eq etc. With it flat i can go to max volume. I set my subs to 80 hz and the subsonic filter. But when i go to tune my 4 channel the cc1 does not detect calibration. I want to use my skar tx65c fronts and my tx65 coaxials rear to play as mid range or band pass instead of high pass. The amp is a skar 75.4. I dont know whether i should tune to hpf full or lpf/bp I dont want to fully disable mid range because when i turn off subwoofer
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