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  1. thats what i wanted to read....i got a 117 amp alt right now.
  2. another thing hairy...CANT have hair. i saw a chick with a hairy asshole and i was like WHOA....sike i didnt but i thought it would be funny
  3. HAHAHAHA....im tellin you try it. when i first tried it i was like this is kinda weird but now i love it....as long as she dont stink or have any leftovers or dingleberries im good
  4. I SEE A FACE....on the first of the rock wars videos. at 5 mins and 10 seconds pause and look at the back seat window. you will see a face. its just a reflection and shading but it looks kinda creepy
  5. LOL. :-X That's not right. cant judge it til you tried it....im sure you would like it. i sometimes call it digging for corn and your cornfed so i see no problem there so i say you need to pucker up and give your wife/gf/fuck buddy a surprise. :-* (they love it) :^
  6. yep....on the RF forum they said i have too much time on my hands HAHAHAH
  7. you know the old saying "a peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, but a kiss aint a kiss til you give it some tongue" well what about when someone says "kiss my ass" then what do ya do???? i say its time to toss some salad....HAHAHAHAHA :^ :-* :^ :-*
  8. but will it be ok to upgrade my batt with out an alt upgrade
  9. I shoulda known it was something funny coming from you chode HAHAHA whats sposed to mean.....am i know for that on ALL the forums damn hahahahahaha
  10. thats fajita....not fhita and once you find out what FHITA means youll be like wow i just said that haha
  11. HAHAH at this thread hears one for ya.... [move]NOOB[/move] haha j/p
  12. HAHA be glad meade gave you the ok i was gonna pull the ol` GTFO SPAMMER AND DIAF!!!
  13. really?? wow thats kool haha
  14. HAHA at first i thought that said "BEER with me" i was like you supply then i re read...and i was disappointed
  15. im not made of money like you haha but im hoping to see at LEAST 143 when i eventually get to those upgrades
  16. its on again...go to MTV JAMZ NOW!!!!!
  17. I hit a 141.7 with my 2 T1s. Heres the thing though. Im running my amp at HALF power. so im only pushing a little over 300 watts RMS to each. Im running a STOCK electrical system and i played a sweep that went down to up instead of up to down, and i have a low tuned box. so i would have hit higher if i had a stronger electrical system, amp wired to 1 ohm so each sub got around 700 watts RMS and if i played a sweep that went high to low. edited to take the 2x out, lets not use them except for posting a show please.
  18. i hate that song but if its got good bass ill bump it!!!
  19. WTF anyone heard this song...its on MTV Jams right now... :-[
  20. That's 15,000rms....Thats fucking impressivenot to try and be a smart ass, but these specifications come right off of RF's site: Rated Power 500 W x 4 @ 4 Ohms RMS1000 W x 4 @ 2 Ohms RMS2000 W x 4 @ 1 Ohm RMS3750 W x 4 @ 0.5 Ohm RMS2000 W x 2 @ 4 Ohms bridged RMS4000 W x 2 @ 2 Ohms bridged RMS7500 W x 2 @ 1 Ohm bridged RMSTotal Power 15000 Wattsit is impressive indeed, AND rare as well. that amp just isnt my cup of tea i guess. id rather buy a regular amp/s to put out just as much power if not more and spend the rest on a charging system to support it all, and STILL have money left over for whatever. its an amazing amp, nonetheless and i cant wait for some videos and numbers...should be insane. as for me having the chance to test/compare one of these first hand...thats a long ways away. keep up the good work, meade :^and those ARE conservative numbers as well....especially considering RF underrates all their gear!!
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