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  1. So my man got followed home, and while this isnt directed at him, it is directed at the other posts in the topic with all the threats of violence. If you guys are serious about what you said, you have some major anger issues and you should get professional help working them out. Im serious as a heart attack. To say that you would shoot someone for stealing your stuff is the natural reaction but is not the answer. I own several firearms, but would I ever kill someone for stealing from me? FUCK NO! THAT IS THE MOST RETARDED THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF IN MY LIFE! Listen, if life is in dang
  2. I also kill the subs 3-4 miles before getting to a parking lot or my neighborhood. Not only does it hide the fact that I got something, it also lets the battery get a good charge. You shouldnt have anything to worry about.
  3. Are you looking for a shop or are you going to do it yourself?
  4. a top of the line security system is more reliable, it wont go off at random times for no reason, its relatively louder, over all Quailty= price And the installation makes all the difference. I do a lot of restoration/ repair for insurance companies at the dealership that I work at. Nine times out of ten: -the drivers window was busted out (ususally porcelin is the weapon of choice) -the hood was popped -the battery cable was cut or the siren was disabled -the system was removed (steps 1-3 can take under 7 seconds) in a few cases: -the sunroof was busted out, the thief went through
  5. Got both of those and a motion senser. Didn't seem to bother them too much as they were busting up my shit. I have four piezos in the interior of my daily driver. They hurt. Plain and simple. The frequency is high and piercing. Two are in the hvac dash vents and cannot be accessed/ disabled. One is located near the alarm brain, and the other is a secret.
  6. First, thank you for replying. You are trusted advice! yes, chrysler dealer tech. No, she sold them to recoup some $. Are you talking about the tire pressure sensors, there has not been a problem with them (like the stupid low tire light). The fact that the speedo is inop, not inaccurate, but the speed sensor registers on a scope has got me stumped. I will tell you that I dont know anything about hypertech programming, but if returning the car to factory fixes the speedo and check engine light, Ill make the recommendation to seeing a rim dealer. If that is the problem, I dont know w
  7. thanks man, youre trusted advice! And I did get that 97! (evil grin - 10kw coming!) All of the modules that are involved (PCM, FCM, CCN) do not indicate a component failure (i.e. speed sensor voltage hi/lo/open/shorted/message N/R, or module fault). Even a loose cable would have set a DTC. C.A.N. sucks, and is overly complicated. they should have stuck with PCI/SCI busses when the finally had it right! On the bright side, All CAN will be out of warranty someday!
  8. A car came into my dealership today from another dealer, who could not fix this car. This 2006 Chrysler 300C had the factory wheels replaced with a 265/35/R22 wheel and tire combo. From the moment (according to the owner) that it left the rim place, the check engine light came on, and the speedo was inop. The rim place told them to see the dealer, all that they did was bolt on some rims. The dealer (who she bought the car from in December 2005) tried "everything" to fix it. The DTCs that turned on the check engine light were related to the speed sensor performance and speed sensor correl
  9. Do yourself a favor, if you dont know something dont post it!
  10. Worst feeling is when your in the movies or some thing and you think your pager will let you know some things going on and reality it won't :- Ernesto this is not directed at you personally. What exactly would anyone do if their alarm pager went off? Run out into the parking lot, kick some ass, and make a citizens arrest? Would you just call the cops? Run out there like Tackleberry with unlimited ammo? Would you risk your life or your freedom for some stereo equipment? I believe the alarm pager provides a false sense of security and I wouldnt own one. A well installed stereo and secu
  11. wow your $100 installed alarm is working great! Your factory stereo is safe from thieves!
  12. I would compare the 4 piezos to 3-4 smoke detectors confined to a cars interior
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