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  1. Doing some changes right now also, will post pics when it's done. and yes, 47hz peak, but it metered within .1db from 45-48hz.
  2. FYI: setup did a 152.5 with a single amp last weekend at a show. Expect bigger numbers soon.....real soon.
  3. Got some preliminary numbers, this is after about an hour testing. There's a bit more in it, just have to let the batteries charge back up:
  4. There's a video already posted in the Video section, titled SAZ-3000 and 2 Nightshade 18's, and I have another one to upload here in a few minutes.
  5. I'm already testing as of today..........I'll be there
  6. I was going to post a video tonight, but it got dark on me. I promise videos tomorrow.
  7. Nope, running it at 1 ohm. The subs are dual 1 ohm. And yes, the subs are getting plenty of power for music. They could take a lot more for burps, but I'm pushing them pretty hard on music. I just can't wait for them to break in!!!!! Videos will be up tonight.
  8. Well, it's up and playing finally. For what it is (1 SAZ-3000d and 2 Nightshades), it's incredibly loud and violent. As expected, the subs do unload a bit with the windows open, but only at extremely high volume. I'm pretty damn happy with it considering the small amount of equipment used compared to most. Here's a pic of it completed, videos are coming within the next couple hours, as soon as my demo girl gets here. And here's what happens when it's raining and you fire it up, it cleans all the dirt out of the window seal:
  9. It's 2 that are glassed together at the back side. I was going to try to do it in one piece, but it would have been nearly impossible, especially since I build this while I was alone in the shop.
  10. I honestly haven't decided how I'm going to do the back yet. Probably will be something simple, just some nice ampracks carpeted, and a trim panel to hide the spaces on the sides of the box. I'm not really into the whole flashy look, just nice and functional.
  11. I want the inside perfectly smooth, so I think I'm just going to use an oil based primer and then paint it metallic blue inside. The only place that flexed on the baffle was right in between the subs, so I'm going to brace it as close to the subs as possible. I would say videos on Saturday at this point.
  12. Got some more work done today. Got the inside finished up, except for a good coat of paint, I'm not really fond of the color it is now, and the MDF soaked it in really bad, so I'm going to do it a different color. Also have to take the woofers back out to put the gaskets on them after that, and then it's video time. I fired it up for a couple minutes today, and the baffle was flexing pretty badly, so I need to go get some threaded rod and run it through the box tomorrow. Semi-finished, minus paint and the threaded rod:
  13. Definately 149.9, I don't think a pair of 18's on a single SAZ-3000d would even be competitive at all in 159.9 Well, got a lot of work done today. All the wiring is DUN!!!!! Blue light is a good sign: A little voltage reading at the amp:
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