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  1. Also just purchased another bike. I found a 2012 Yamaha FZ1 from the orig owner with 2800 miles with lots of mods for a killer price. Bike is in Ohio and will be picked up Monday and shipped to me here in Washington. Cant wait.
  2. Figured I would post an updated pic of the bike. I have added a few things like 2018 Fat bob wheels, 106 s&s kit, cams, handle bars ect.
  3. I like the exhaust note. I have only rode it home from buying it (15miles). I got the title transferred yesterday and paid the fucking tax on it. I haven't really ridden yet. I am hoping to get a chance this coming weekend.
  4. I have owned 11 different bikes over the years. I have had sport bikes, supersport bikes, a sportster, cruiser, sport touring ect. The big reason I sold the FZ1 and kind of gave up on the sportbike life is my right elbow. I have over used it at work and now I cant put weight on it like I used to. So I started looking for something that would be comfortable, cool and handled some what well just because I still like to ride aggressively. This bike was perfect just because it has all the suspension and brake upgrades. It fits my riding style while being able to cruise at a fast pace. And a redundant thank you lol
  5. I sold my 2002 Yamaha FZ1 last a couple weeks ago and have been working mad overtime so I could buy a different bike. Well I finally had enough to start looking. Yesterday I found my new ride. It is a 2009 Harley Davidson Fat Bob. I bought it from the original owner who was 55. He put a ton of money into mods on this bike. It has full ohlins suspension. The front forks are off a V-Rod and have ohlins internals. Brembo front brakes with full floating rotors, exhaust, FI tuner,air filter, dyna wide glide rear fender, blinkers ect. I would figure he had about 5000K into mods. It has 7500 original miles and is clean. I gave 8750 cash for it. Only thing I want to do is have it dyno tuned.
  6. Back to the top with rock bottom pricing. DC sub was sold today Sold the RF P1000x5
  7. I have a Rockford Fosgate P300x2 that is like new and very little play time. It comes in the original box, paperwork and birth sheet. Works perfect. 80 bucks shipped to the lower 48
  8. Whew false alarm. Ended up being the rear seat belt was vibrating in its holder. Never ever has happened before but at least I didn't blow the sub.....
  9. I went out today and installed the 5 1/4 tymphany speakers in the kick. They have surprisingly good mid bass. I like them. Then I tried the 4" Faital pro on the dash just open air and they sound great up there. I need to build a temp enclosure for them for some testing.
  10. Iam still here. Lol I still havent made time to put the new speakers in the kicks yet. I will see if I can do it this weekend. Othere wise everything is working good.
  11. I wonder what the 4" and 3" faital pros would sound like wired together would sound like on the dash? Or just the 4" in place of the 3"? HHMMM might have to check it out. I guess it just depends on what the 5.25 midbass woofers sound like in the kick. The 4" might sound better on the dash just because I am lacking midbass from the front stage so I could play the 4" a bit lower than the 3's. I guess it just depends on how high the 4's can play. If they cant play high enough I could incorporate the tweets again and play them with the 4's. Well its fun to play so why the hell not.
  12. Ya I don't mind it because its against traffic both ways so set cruise control and sit back. I had her slamming today. The weather is awesome and window down volume on 45 and bass knob at 100%. Tracking says peerless 5.25s will be here Friday.
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