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    My family , lifting weights, bmx bike, car stereos, wood working, RC trucks, Retiring

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  1. Is this sub going to become real someday??? I really hope so. Thanks
  2. When I was dieting for the golds classic back in 1998 I was eating 100g of peanut butter fat per day. Sometimes more. Your body needs fat and its a good source. This is how I turned out. 165lbs and maybe 4-5% body fat.
  3. I have been using this protein for years. And yes Bodybuilding.com has the best price. I buy it in the 10lb bag. It comes out to be 83 cents per serving. I use one scoop.
  4. Because your Steve Meade. LOL I thought maybe you could get them through your online store. Its all good. I will still get a set just because I am too lazy to make my own. Thanks man Kevin
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