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  1. I wonder what the 4" and 3" faital pros would sound like wired together would sound like on the dash? Or just the 4" in place of the 3"? HHMMM might have to check it out. I guess it just depends on what the 5.25 midbass woofers sound like in the kick. The 4" might sound better on the dash just because I am lacking midbass from the front stage so I could play the 4" a bit lower than the 3's. I guess it just depends on how high the 4's can play. If they cant play high enough I could incorporate the tweets again and play them with the 4's. Well its fun to play so why the hell not.
  2. Ya I don't mind it because its against traffic both ways so set cruise control and sit back. I had her slamming today. The weather is awesome and window down volume on 45 and bass knob at 100%. Tracking says peerless 5.25s will be here Friday.
  3. Work has been busy and I have been driving 150 miles round trip to work so not a lot of time to do anything. I have been playing the system and learning what settings sound best.
  4. So in my quest to find the best sound for my truck I purchased a set of Peerless by Tymphany 830656 5-1/4" Paper Cone SDS Woofers from parts express to install in place of the 4" Faital pros in the kicks. I feel the system needs more bass or mid bass coming from the front. I don't think the 4" faital pros do a good enough job and would be more suited in an A pillar build and rather than in a kick panel. They are not expensive speakers so just more of a test to see if I can add to the sound quality of the front stage.
  5. No not yet. I know I need to do some tuning though. I have been playing with the crossover settings on the amp but I think I may need to do some playing with the EQ. I don't like the auto EQ feature on the 80prs so either do it my self or find a shop with an RTA. I think one problem with the auto EQ right now is that with the HU set on standard mode the highs are on the rear channel so It may be thinking the dash speakers are rear fill and not tuning them correctly. I think I will see what will happen if I switch back to Network mode and see if it will auto eq better that way. I will have to switch the RCA's around so the fronts are now on the rear channel of the amp (highs) and the rears will now be the mid bass channel so the 4 channels of the amp will play the kicks and doors together. Then I can pass the crossovers on the HU and still use the amplifier.
  6. No the tweeters don't sound good.... Unhooking them and will build pods for the Faital pro 3". Done and done.
  7. Just an update, I built the box that Joe designed for me and it sounds real good. Here are some pics of the build. Thanks again Joe
  8. Decided to try installing the 3" faital and the focal tweets together again to try them out with the Arc amp. I have them wired in series so they are seeing an 8ohm load. I think that will help the speakers live. I have the amp switched to under 4 ohms on the rear channels so the amp will send less power to the speakers @ 8 ohms. They should not be over powered at all now. If I was to switch the channels to over 4 ohms it will send full power @ an 8 ohm load. So far I still have all gains on the Arc set at 0.
  9. Grills were in the mail. Thanks so much BCBRASSARD for them. They will complement the doors very well. Did some amp tuning today. I raised the crossover point on the 3" and did some tweaking to the bandpass for the 4" in the kicks and doors. Trying to get them were they sound good playing with a flat eq. I mostly don't need the dash 3" to play full range but just in the higher range and let the kicks and doors take care of the rest.
  10. I don't think so but I haven't checked the mail yet today. I will go check
  11. Sub sounds awesome. Going to build a port plug to see how that sounds.
  12. I like the 2013 ^^^ COOL!!!
  13. I already have my next project in mind. I will make fiberglass dash pods for the Faital pro 3" speakers.
  14. That's awesome man. Glad it is getting back together and tuned. I bet those 8s hit nice but when you turn the subs back on does it cancel them out? Good luck on the comp. What kind of comp is it? SPL, sound quality ect?