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  1. No I get it.I know there are no rear speakers. Is there a benefit to running all 4 channels off the front besides one less set if rca 's? Do you run a y splitter back at the amp to the 4 channels? I have a set of rca's that have front rear and sub all in one running to my rockford P1000x5. At the time being I am not using all 4 channels right now so the rear rca are plugged in but no speakers hooked up. So ya any benefit if I added kick speakers to my truck to just use the front? Idk might be a stupid question.
  2. Just wondering if you had them on front and rear channels and could fade front to back to hear them separately?
  3. f ing spilled my vodka and juice drink on my keyboard of my laptop on Monday and now have to use the onscreen keyboard. it took about 5 min to type this out. ordered a new one that should be here next week. damn it

    1. DLHgn


      That sucks. Hope  it all works out for you.

    2. Skullz


      Your not supposed to get it drunk, drunken lappies do funky things.  O_o

  4. I still stand by my statement that the DC sub is the best sounding out of the subs i have owned.
  5. So you have two sets of the same components? It will be very interesting to hear which location gives the best sound as far as mid bass and clarity. Are the kick panels the ebay ones for 199.00? Tuned in for the video.
  6. hey steve how far out does the drivers pod stick? Any chance you could take a pic please?
  7. According to soundqubed there was nothing wrong with the subwoofer that I sent back. I told them I didn't want it back. I am sure that they will charge me a restock fee but right now I really don't care. Just want to recoup as much as I can.
  8. I wish we lived closer to each other. We could get into all kinds of trouble together. lol
  9. Damn dude you weren't kidding. Black is bad ass but hard to keep clean. Can't wait to see it done.
  10. I did find a cheaper solution when I was at the hardware store. I could of made my own. They had the same type of foam for filing gaps in window mounted air conditioners. I think i will get some to fill the small gap in my outer ring since i wrapped it around the outer part of the speaker.
  11. nice toy to play with. well my day off just changed. Which is good because i need the hours. I can work on my truck this weekend.
  12. Well it looks like I don't have work tomorrow. So I guess i will install my smd vm-1 so i can see if I am getting any voltage drop. i will be getting my closed cell foam tomorrow so i may have time to install that too .
  13. Just bought a new keyboard for 25 bucks. Should be able to be buying stuff again in about a week. lol