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  1. Opinions on this enclosure 2006 Silverado crew cab Lethal injection 10"D2 loaded with all options Crescendo s1500 for power LI10.docx
  2. IA lethal injection and crescendo s1500 came in today!!!

    1. Wood
    2. REMT15


      single 10 ported behind the seat of a crew z71. Building enclosure Saturday

  3. I figured something was up with the price. I was down for ordering two today to try them out.
  4. what will the price be and when will they be available? identical to the flatline FL2 by the way lol
  5. not big enough for a ten ported. need at least 1 cube after sub and port displacement. 1.25-1.5 would be ideal.
  6. Saving up $1500 for new batteries then your girl totals your damn ride! FUCK THAT FUCK THAT
  7. Riding behind an old fart going 35 in a 55 ! FUCK THAT SHIT
  8. thanks and yeah jack at DD told me 16-18 sq inches per cube. running double rms should i make my box a little smaller? like 4 cft after sub and 65-75 sq inches of port?
  9. i have 200 amp alt, deka 34 upfront and a D31 in the back. 1/0, will be adding another run here shortly but should be fine as far as electrical
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