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  1. I just looked under the carpet of my 2000 f350 super duty dually and it has some solid factory deadener. I'm going to have the seats out tomorrow and figured I would deaden it all while I was under there. Is there any advantage to going overy the factory thick as hell putty looking stuff with damp pro?
  2. I have a feal in we are gonna see more of them out there. Shit, I would love to have a couple...
  3. Hell yeah. People don't pay much but it is cool to have a collection of old ammo boxes from different places.
  4. Just mark no. No mister ATF, I am not just doing this to increase my own collection. Transfer a few a year for something to talk about when they inspect...
  5. Meade seams to dig this amp. I trust his judgment fellas. When was the last time he said something was worth the money and was flat out proven wrong? I would run one.
  6. The options are wide open for me. I can put a standard rear trunnion in it and use one of my wire folders and switch out to a hard stock or AR style. That is the way I'm leaning right now. I want to make a wood stock out of a walnut tree that fell on my buddy's farm last year. I have a side folding 300aac that I built on a Bulgarian 5.45 kit and its cool but I don't like building the same gun twice unless I want to mix it up a little and the work on the reciever would be a fucker to say the least. I can weld up the holes that don't line up with the new trunnion and use my ak builder jig to drill accurate holes for the rivits. After that it's off to the range to burn up a can of rounds trying different sights and stocks. I love new gun day...
  7. I went and shot my new pistol again today with a brace. It is on point! I was thinking side folder at first because, well, I like sidefolders.lol But on damn near any sub gun I ever fired a fixed stock is a better fit for me. I say that but I know I won't do a boring AK...
  8. I ended up trading the tavor for a difinitive arms AKX-9 pistol. I made out like a bandit. I am at near zero dollars invested in this gun because of the different trades etc I have been doing lately. It takes colt mags and I get a box full with the gun. Form 1 going to some people very soon!
  9. Even better. Independent tests on random examples helps us know if you didn't get sent a one off better built amp.
  10. 1. Big Bore supressor, 338 etc 2. 9mm sbr 3. Colt Python (almost mine!) 4. AK parts kits, lots of parts kits. 5. Benelli M4 (I know where a police model is) The list will shift and I'm sure I'll add things and take away others...
  11. I can't decide if I want to hang on to my Tavor and wait for the 300 conversion to hit my shop or just get rid of it and grab up some AK parts kits. The gun is fucking awesome and the super sabra trigger made it a smooth shooter. i am just not really wanting to invest in .223 any more. I built a 300 aac side folder out of a bulgarian fixed stock kit and I am not looking back for a while. I have a handi rifle in 300aac and it's a sweet little hunting rifle. I will be setting up my reloading kit again and will be punching out about 2k rounds in a couple of months at damn near just the cost of powder. A friend of mine runs Stalking Rhino, a small suppressor company just up the road and if he has time I want to cut and thread a couple of barrels for a form 1 or two. I guess the only reason I have the Tavor is because it's a fun and accurate gun. I am wanting to keep my rifles quiet and .223 isn't a fun round out of a 7.5" barrel supressed or not and with the Tavor the ejection port is right in my face. It can get smokey as fuck. yeah, I'm going to sell the Tavor. Glad we had this talk.lol
  12. I usually don't worry about warranty, it was just a kicker really. The head unit is solid. I am working on a full system install and this head unit is simple enough with all the features I care about. So far I recommend it.
  13. Nice! I knew once a bass head got their hands on a cnc they would put out what the nuts have been dreaming about.lol Au everything, rings, trim panels, are you taking requests?
  14. Jesus. Broke a 150 on rated power. Got me crazy interested for a wall!
  15. Did I just think I won? Lol **Edit** I am not being impatient, more like I want to make sure I'm not looking like a dick head who didn't win but thinks they did and does an end zone dance a little early.
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