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  1. My Tacoma, I was in the process of installing a couple 10s but have gotten side tracked. So far I put in an alpine touch screen, Polk momo 6x9s and Polk mm 6.5s. Whenever I get back to working on it I'll be putting in an alpine 4 channel along with an alpine 1000 watt mono for the 10s. This is my daily driver so I've been trying to keep it simple and clean, these would help with that!
  2. Won't let me enter, says it sent email but I get nothing :/ guess it's not meant to be, good luck everyone!
  3. I had NO problems when I dealt with him, I know he was going through alot there for awhile. Hope this is taken care of!
  4. Item bought: Alpine MRX-M110 Date bought: 15Jul14 Experience: Positive Comments: Quick to reply to PM's, money sent 15jul, shipped 16jul and recived it on the 21st. Would have been faster if not for the weekend. Amp looked almost BNIB, way better then I expected! Overall: Great guy, hope to do business with him again
  5. Ugh... why must you keep coming out with things I want... When I get back I'll be ordering a few things from you, guess I'll add this too the list!
  6. Guess i had a good question lol thanks for all the info!
  7. Well I'm deploying again so I'm not sure how long it'll be, just want to know i won't come back to bad batteries!
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