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  1. With 2 it dropped to about 13.5. Don't know why. I know electronically it makes no sense but it did. Plus I like to park and play it at parties. With 3 it could play a lot longer.
  2. I had a 370 and 3 kinetic 2400s in my work Truck with 2 xl 12s and a 5k voltage didn't go below 14. I was a bumping directv tech lol.
  3. Like I said it's techinally enough. But bare minimum lol.
  4. Dropping a grand on an amp. You didn't expect to have to have a good electrical?
  5. You can never over do electrical. And what they say on the website is the bare minimum. I'd run the biggest possible alternator and 3 group 31 batteries and a group 34 plus 3 runs of 0 gauge.
  6. That's definitely going to be night and day Compared to kicker by far lol. Good choice man.
  7. That's pretty awesome. We're learning exactly what causes that in electrical engineering right now for my new job lol. I'd keep it.
  8. I Know I'm just beating a dead cat. But just not allowing posting wouldn't work? Or just not feasible?
  9. I agree with those ideas lol. But instead of Shipping the item just when its someones first post in the for sale section just automatically sends there posts to mod verification and they can just deny it and send them the rules back.
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