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  1. With deep regret, I now inform you that Diablo Audio Technologies is no longer a viable business. Many hardships have been throw our way due to inferior quality control after many, many repeated attempts to straighten things out with the company building the circuit boards for Diablo Audio Technologies. The numerous problems that come about over the last year have driven the company into a state of monetarily going belly up. What does this mean to the general public that have purchased Diablo Audio Technologies products you may ask? As of this notice of dissolving the company, any and all warranties are now null and void and are no longer the responsibility of the company. Numerous repairs of equipment have come out of my own pocket over the last several months rather than company funds. I personally can not continue to pay for product malfunctions (whether it is faulty product or user error being claimed as a warranty problem) any longer from my own funds that the company itself does not have the assets to cover. If you should experience a product failure, please call the following phone number included with the shipping address listed below to inform them of the particular problem your unit is experiencing and to let them know it will be coming their way should you decide to have it repaired. . Autosound 2347 Rockford Lane Louisville, KY 40216 (502) 448-5606 I would like to apologize at this time for any and all inconveniences this may cause to anyone who has bought product from and supported Diablo Audio Technologies along the way. Your faith in me and the company will never be forgotten. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who believed in the company. Without you, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. I want to say thank you to all the friends I have made along the way. You guys are truly awesome. Sincerely William Johnson Former owner Diablo Audio Technologies
  2. nice to see you online mane! w/b

  3. diggin the caddy idea. I liked the german engineering idea too. peep one these.
  4. Diablo Audio Technologies

    My Truck Build Up

    I Demand Pics or Video's
  5. Diablo Audio Technologies

    Sd8000 Already Running In Some Cars...

    very Nice Looking Internals.
  6. looks Good John, glad u finally have some beats.
  7. Diablo Audio Technologies

    Shocker Audio

    goto the product page, click on the series your interested in, then click on the model number on the left side of the image, that will bring up a photo gallery for that model. Pricing is Real Fair IMO, I think you might be ShOcKeD at some of the pricing ( in a good way) I am still working on the site store, I have all the prices, if you need a price PM me. the woofers are not ready for sale yet, they will be soon, I promise. David
  8. if slang offends you, you better grow thicker skin, its slang, nothing was derogatory towards anyone in his post. (this is David for the record)
  9. Diablo Audio Technologies

    My Truck Build Up

    The new Board is more stable, he should be ok, while we don't recommend .5 to anyone, Joe isn't a newb, I am pretty confident that they will be fine.
  10. Diablo Audio Technologies


    Hey Support these Guys, I know We will be doing so very soon.
  11. Diablo Audio Technologies

    How To Remove Tint

    Hey this works, this is how I did my jetta window's, simplegreen 90/10 solution works well to, the sun is the key it heats up makes it easier.
  12. Diablo Audio Technologies

    Autorama 2009 Was A Great Show

    The people that RUN AR aren't very bright at all from what I am seeing, I know of another company they are not getting back too, It kind of surprises me, I thought they put on these shows to make money, yet I see them leaving money on the table..... pretty ignorant if you ask me.
  13. LOL not likely they have been working on it for sometime allready
  14. Diablo Audio Technologies

    Autorama 2009 Was A Great Show

    Negative ghost rider, we tried really hard to have a couple of new proto-types but the chinese new yr holiday killed that.