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  1. my Z's have been on a SAZ-3500 @.5 for awhile and never let me down once SUNDOWN FTW!!!!!!!!
  2. I have 2 15" Zv.2's and i would like to re-cone them with NS soft parts and Zv.3 coils. i am looking for daily and comp applications since i compete every weekend, is this possible? if not what would be my best set up as far as parts and option's? i am running them off a SAZ-3500, thanx for ur time
  3. 1.5 to 2.0 per depending on power and tune it to ur specific application i would say 35-38hz imo
  4. warm milk mixed with cheap whiskey and a shot of Tabasco sauce. Dont knock it till u try it
  5. I had to use 2/0 ring terminals on my wire i got from those guys (1/0 wire)
  6. what type of port are u using and what is it tuned to? what did u peak at on the TL?
  7. ​I need opinions based on experience like stuff u have built, vehicles u have sat in and so on. i have always made slop port boxs for myself and customers untill now i am thinking of doing a box for one of my SPL cars with 3 6" aero ports and i could use some tips and trick on putting together a proper aero ported SPL box. The equipment is 2 15" Sundown Z v2's on a SAZ-3500d @ .5, 2 runs of 1/0 KNU OFC back to 2 SK-BT120 batterys with 1 SK-BT100 up front also have a 250 amp alt and dual inputs for the amp. i want to keep the box under the window line witch is 15" so i want the box spect to be 38"W 30"D 15"H and from what torres tells me my ports will be 21" long for tuning around 35hz, i supoz i should tell u its a 1997 blazer 4 door and i will have sub's up and ports up so that means i will have goofy external ports but owell as long as its loud also it is my daily driver so it has to be music friendly PLEASE chime in and hit me with some knowledge.
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