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  1. before i was a basshead... Gamer4Life is what i used in other forums... now that im a bass addict... well... yea...
  2. Mario928 is a great seller. He was willing to ship out to me (i live out of the country). Great communication. Excellent packing. Shipped immediately. what more can you ask for? Do not hesitate to buy or sell from this guy.
  3. Nice equipment. cant wait to see this started... pics of the 4runner?
  4. do your research on this site about caps...and you be the judge... from what ive learned here... 2nd battery is 1000x better... caps will pull power almost as fast as it releases it... if you dont have the battery bank to support it, its jus extra strain on you system. IMO caps are not necessary for anything under 5k rms...
  5. nice work...love how the paint turned out on your pods n voltrometer... did u use a gun?? i like the wood stain... def different.... and is it a 4th order BP box?
  6. very nice stuff... pics of the car? edit... FAIL posted to late beautiful crx...
  7. love the new set of wheels... stance is perfect... keep it up! edit.. u may need to adjust the height in the back once u done with the system lol..
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