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  1. What a significant amount of difference with just those wow. And the black lables def give it a great look.
  2. It came out great man. Especially the grill with the emblem,nasty. 2 15's will be pretty good in that truck. Although u put 1 15 in the lex so knowing u as long as I been here, u will probably do 1 or 2 18's in a functional pretty box.
  3. looks great. when i ordered my wheels the inner barrels were raw just like yours when i ordered them black, what tire did u end up going with?
  4. now you know what ballpark i am playing in...it's ridiculous the price between some off the shelf stuff and custom 3 piece. i sure do, i have some 30 inch asanti 3 piece wheels and I'm not gonna get into the price of that with tires.
  5. them wilwoods look dope man. i remember when i ordered my Savini wheels, they were 22 inch, 3 piece and was $7100 with out tires.
  6. I would put it on hpf about 200 or 500 to be safe. Set gain with dd1. Done. If u want more mid bring it down to 100 or 150sh.
  7. you have a better chance of selling everything on CACO, everything sells over there. its a little rough to sell things here for some reason.
  8. i don't have a lithium but i do have my xs charger connected to the battery bank and let it do its thing.
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