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  1. The track saw is AWESOME! the edge of the track is exactly where the blade cuts.
  2. Decided to upgrade my system, The 2 T1 12's were loud but they weren't quite getting the job done in the Tahoe Four Eminent Audio 1K 15's They are a local company so i figured I'd give them a try. 18 Cubes Subs up Ports back
  3. Should have stopped by man! Did you stay around for the awards? I took second in the SUV class, Thats my 2nd award this this year I picked up 4 Eminent Audio 15's while I was at the show from a fellow SMD Member and a member of 517Audio on Facebook. Im building the box today
  4. updates! mixing some paints spraying like a boss! this should look nice Vanilla with violet pearl. To the eye it looks sic. Very hard to capture it on camera. IT WASNT EVEN CLEARED YET and still looked sweet It hasn't been wet sanded or buffed yet but here is how it looks cleared
  5. LilteddyP has a pewter bravada on your old 4's. my roommate has a custom painted HOK silver over red bravada on the exact same 4's but he has 2" wider rims with more dish.
  6. Well I was going to load some more progress pics of the paint job but photobucket says I'm out of bandwidth :/.
  7. The monte was blue but some of it was painted and he did a great job blending the paint. You could never even tell the new paint from the 11 year old paint. I am thinking about painting the engine cover again and possibly some interior pieces
  8. I haven't even picked the 3rd color yet. We'll . This is the same guy that painted the impala, blazer and the monte so its in good hands.
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