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  1. I hope Meade stays true to the DGAF mantra. Because I really want to see ripped metal, broken glass, over-the-top flex, and all manners of destruction done to this car through sheer power. This build is nuts to say the least.
  2. If you've been running the D3100 for a while with a dead cell (unknowingly) then that D3400 has probably been working its ass off to pick up the slack. One bad battery in a battery bank can ruin the rest especially if you've been running them together for any length of time. But again, XS' customer service is phenomenal and I'm sure they'll help you out. Your running a Mechman alt and have an itellicharger, can't get any more ideal than that.
  3. That's a really good price! What's the cone made of on these? I guess what I'm getting at is would these hold up in a heavy moisture environment? Like a boat (no direct water, just insane midwest humidity).
  4. I save my batteries, then take them to our local Advance Autoparts. Every once in a while they have a dead battery credit deal, bring in your dead battery and you get $20-$30ish towards a new one. I usually roll up with half a dozen or so at a time and walk away with a new almost free yellow, blue or red top (depends what I'll use it for). Or you can always take it to the scrap yard, most scrap yards pay per pound. I've gotten some decent cash on the big C&D batteries. Tons o lead! And I would say your XS is pretty dead.
  5. Name: Cody Products interested in: DC 2.0k Shipping Zipcode: 61025 How you heard about this sale: SMD emailed me Is this a Christmas Gift: From my mom to me. lol Just let me know what the pricing will be on the 17th including the 15% discount. Thanks Cody
  6. File an online report, the more reports on the same guy the more it'll be taken seriously and the faster we get our money back, organize all your information about the fraud. http://www.houstontx.gov/police/online_report.htm
  7. I've been trying to get legal help from UPS on proper procedure but there not helping me really. His email is [email protected] His full name, address, email and phone is registered within his UPS account. He's a brave scammer, he hasn't covered his tracks at all unless its a completely false identity, which I doubt. My deal was made around the 14th of March so I've been chasing this a while now. UPS has been worthless so far, more defensive than help. They're handling it like "Its not our problem, ask someone else", they're really starting to piss me off. And RootXBeer, read up on how COD works at the UPS site and you'll understand how I was scammed.
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