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  1. This is what every experienced builder on this site would do if he won the lottery. Monster equipment in a proper enclosure loaded with plexi and lights, super overkill electrical to run it tits out reliably, perfectly thought out, and inside of a very nice newer vehicle. Hats off to you my man, you have a dream build in your garage.
  2. The boxes these would come in are 20" x 20" x 20" and 55ibs each. Lowest rate to Shafter California is $78.57 a piece fully insured with FedEx. And it would take a couple weeks for me to get the necessary tools down here to build safe enough shipping enclosures. Which will be another $20 in materials I'm sure. Looking at $384 a piece shipped, and some patience. EDIT: It might be more than that even. The SSA site says they weigh 65ibs a piece, I'm sure my POS bathroom scale is wrong before the site is.
  3. Bump for big price drop. No trades yet. I really don't want to ship them and I don't have the resources set up to build proper shipping enclosures. Sorry guys, you can always vacation in Virginia Beach and grab some woofers while you're here.
  4. Here for sale are four Sound Solutions Audio ZCONs Dual 2ohm. Cones are flawless, typical marks from mounting/unmounting. Plans have changed with the setup, transmission went out and I'm not putting these in my new WRX so someone else gets to jump on them. These are local pickup only in the Hampton Virginia area 23503. I don't have the boxes for these so I will not risk shipping them. Prices picked up, no trades please. These are $562 right now in SSA's store. These are my favorite 3" coil driver ever, plenty of 155-160 vehicles running around with ZCONs. Prices are firm as these are stupid cheap, no trades please. Price for all four subs $1400 Price for a pair of subs $750 Price for a single sub $400 $300 per sub, come get em! Willing to drive up to an hour to meet someone.
  5. Molesting a ZR-1 with a wall? That poor vette is gonna be Skarred for life. Had to do it.
  6. Hampton Roads? I just moved to VA in August. I need to hear this thing once its playing! Hopefully my ZCONs will be up and running soon as well. Are you doing just a standard port opening this time around? Sucks going from a 50' x 100' shop in Iowa to a one car apartment garage in Oceanview. There's barely enough room for my tools let alone have any kind of working space.
  7. 90k RMS out of 80ibs of battery? And its a daily setup?! Science has taken car audio too far. Pretty soon people will be able to properly power funky pup subs. If I remember correctly, I think they're right around 100k RMS a piece. Can you imagine the destruction?
  8. I'm a "buy new" kind of guy too, I just love having new equipment. I tell ya I would spend another $20 per woofer if they came with magnet boots. Boots not only protect this from happening, but if it does happen you can still cover it up. And a boot with a logo on it is just a little extra splash of manufacture advertising and looks much better than the raw ceramic. Jacob certainly knows this, Sundown's boots look so damn good.
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