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  1. I nominate myself, build my sig, I have some updated pics I will share soon, im currently at 3700rms
  2. lol a worn out pulley? and it makes noise so you go back to stock to have a quiet oem sound? seems like mechman is using real quality parts here.... even if 1 groove wore out on the pulley if you have a 6 groove belt that is more than enough for 200 amps still with 5 grooves. how does only one groove wear out? how does the pulley wear out? rubber vs metal. the metal should win. the belt wears not the pulley. this reminds me of that time mechman was trying to get out of warranty because the customer put more than one run from the charging post and they said it can hurt the alternator. ya right guys. and they charged you for a pulley that costs 10 dollars? so you payed 5 plus shipping? if you payed more thats pretty shitty especially if you are still under warranty period. When I had my mechman alt I wore out the pulley, the belt had slipped on it slowly over time and it heats up the metal and slowly wears it down/melts it. I switched to a singer 2 years ago and he uses steel pulleys because of this, but I just killed the rectifier in his, probably my fault either running my batteries too low, or because I had to take out my rear battery in the back between the alt and the amps. Either way if you push any alt to far it will fail. Luckily he just charges cost for parts and does the repair for free. I will say after how I was treated with mechman I will never be buying one of there products again, they do make good alts but they basically left me in the ditch to die. Singer on the other hand will always get back to me and has given me excellent customer service. Either way you gotta make sure you dont let your battery's get way down and undercharged, that will kill an alt fast.
  3. How much power rms will these be rated for? And what will they take for burps?
  4. with the amount of motor force these will have I would imagine these could rip doors off and destroy boxes very quickly
  5. order some wire from this place: http://www.electronbeam.com/index.html I got 2/0 from them, enough for 3 runs, this stuff is rediculous, compared to my 1/0 knu ofc it makes it look small, the 1/0 would be more then enough, but I got 2/0 for around $2.12ft, weighs 1/2 per foot, the copper is some of the highest quality, you cant go wrong, then order copper lugs from delcity, they are like 30 cents a piece
  6. most likely I would say its from over charging, I have had one swell a little on me and it was when I had a mechman alt in that had a lot of issues and the voltage constantly would spike up to 16 when the load let off, it leaks a little, but I sealed it up with some plastic glue
  7. I fuse, I fuse everything that comes off of a battery + post, you will see negligible loss, if you ever get in a car accident it may save your car from going up in flames, thats the main reason I do it, not that you will save much, but hey if you get trapped inside and that 1/0 decides to go up like a Christmas tree then your gonna become a turkey dinner, I have a 250amp alt about and a 300 amp fuse that is on a 1/0 knu ofc run, then I also have a run from my alt + post to the rear going right to the my distribution for the amps in the back, which is fused back there, mainly cause I usually run a battery back there
  8. http://www.electronbeam.com/ cant beat their wire, there 2/0 is huge, it is to spec of car audio wire, a lot of wielding wire isnt the same size as car audio wire, I saw some 1/0 at fleet farm the other day, 50ft for $140 that was the size of 4 gauge, I was like wtf, but the 2/0 I got from electron beam is true to the size of what other car audio wires list for sizes, its way cheaper too, got my 2/0 for ~$2ft, high quality copper, give them a call about pricing, 2/0 will safely handle 400 amps
  9. Make sure you call the company you order from. I was going to go as big as possible and get the Mechman 270A alternator, but I called them and they told me that 270A is too much as my truck (2000 F150 V8) has issues with there being limited belt contact on the alternator pulley. They said the 270A would slip like crazy. Talked to them again and they said their last couple batches have been doing doing more then rated, 240A is doing 260A hot and the 270A is doing 300-320 hot. Hot being 200 degrees. After all is said and done the 240A suits me best (2400w rms) and my vehicle will be happy. Mechman has good service they saved me $100 and future potential problems. There's a lot of companies out there who won't tell you things to make the extra money. Glad I phoned. unfortunately for me I was screwed by mechman, singer has been the absolute best guy I have ever done business with, my alt turned out more amazing then I could have imagined, he also does lifetime labor for free, you just pay for parts at cost, quick turn around, I talked with him for over an hour one night just about alts, he knows his shit
  10. Any new updates on that Alternator? Been checking weekly and haven't seen anything new lol. I almost have the rear door damage on my car fixed so I will be contacting singer soon. Here's a little update on the back door damage. It wasn't a hit and run, their insurance finally compensated me this week. I found a door at the junk yard for 60$ and I am taking a shot at painting it black myself with factory matched paint. First time ever doing something like this, just waiting on the paint to get here. Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/3GpSV Hey, well the alt has been in for a few months now, it works great, I can adjust the voltage from the inside with my dial, voltage holds great, no more belt slip, cost about $50 to get it fixed from hooking it up backwards
  11. I have 3 runs of 2/0 for my car, and 1 run of 1/0, 2 of the 2/0 are + and one 2/0 and one 1/0 is a ground to the back, each should do 400-500 amps safely, I have mine fused at 400 amps
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