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  1. Must be nice i had a long drawn out situation with them. But, hey i got my sub back after a bench test 1 month later. After being there 1 week prior i guess ship happens.
  2. Really pissed off ok i have 2 18 fi Q's fully loaded started out with 2 memphis 1000 watt mono class d got tired of being under powered, went to Kole audio amps phatnik or what ever 4000 class d mono and every 3 or 4 months got to replace amp(eXchange). Been doing alot of research i'm liking the diablo hellfire, us amp, and a few others only looking for something in my budget but also should just spend the money to stop with the bs repairs. Any and all comments welcomed.
  3. cooler than a polar bear toe nails

  4. I would like to thank every 1 for the input i splice the wires together and boy what a difference it was hard with 2 bass knobs to get that equal sound. Hope all goes well next sunday. Now all i have to do is get my mids and highs together.
  5. yep i think that would work i gotta figure out something b4 sunday have a sound off coming up the last thing i need is to fuzz something up.
  6. yeah i might just try it whats the worst that can happen.
  7. i brought my wife a Glock 26 if u don't care about safety feature, and i added a plus which gives u 2 xtra rounds or even try a snub nose revolver.
  8. @ double d ur right i hope i do, @ cubs_fan0718 yes they are the same amp kole audio and there r not linked i wish i could but i wouldn't know how to wire that with 2 18 dvc.
  9. Hello i have 2 amps that have 2 separate bass knobs. I believe 1 of the knobs r bad can i splice the wire from the other amp so I only have 1 bass knob. Dont really need smart remarks just need help, also will i still get the same performance.
  10. I did my Dodge Ram 1500 in welding cable a hell of alot better plus i notice a big difference with the big 3 well big 4 i replace everything having to do with the charging system but on the other hand i went to my local welding shop and got the 0 gauge for $1.00 a foot alone with 1/0 and 2/0 try ur's.
  11. What r u suggesting the memphis was pushing the shit out of them, plus my budget i def need more power but
  12. Thanks kinda on a budget need to get that amp fixed or buy another for my 2-18 Q's.
  13. What it is my Memphis 1000 watt mono just blew wanted to know if anybody know were i could send the amp for repair besides memphis.
  14. U could wrap it with with plastic wrap cover the exposed ends with E-Tape. Or shit run out and by a fuse holder gotta think do u want a fire hazzard in ur vehicle when u can go to the local radio shop and grab a 20 fuse holder.
  15. I dont but thats what i usually use will do that once i get my bump bump right also forgot to add the builder had decided on another port so thats 3 (4 inch ports @ 18 each) for each chamber. Also i have seen for the slot ports it just go down and not wrapped around under the subwoofer is that any good
  16. Hey mattman24 which ports slot or those abs i cant stand that abs
  17. Thanks i want to get rid of those ugly ass abs & use that area for a slot port what would i have to cut in and does it have to go down and then turn in
  18. ok here is my build (http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/index.php?showtopic=41077) my original plans was for a L shape port but the builder was totally on the abs shit. Ok lets build it. I fell like it should be hittin way harder than it should yeah it shake the back window but damn where is my windshield flex, soda can trip hair trick AHH WHAT THE FUCK TRICK can any givin advise on take the abs out use that area for a vent(slot) port the box is seperated by chambers each is 7.0^3 18 inch fi Q's w/BP. :mad: :shot:
  19. DUAL 2 then u can drop the when u wire them up and be @ a stable ohm
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