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  1. glad to see you made it back safe and hope you did not lose anyone from your uint
  2. ok thanks for all your input guys I went ahead and order 1/0 wire from knukoncepts Thanks again Jeromy
  3. They are dd z1 with dual power and ground input
  4. Ok im getting ready to order the last of my power cables, and need to ask a question? My amp will only take 4 awg into it will it be better to run just the 4awg into the amp from the battery about two feet away? Or run 1/0 two it and get an adapter for it? I've always heard the less connections the better
  5. wow about the shoes. I spent around 600$ for my last colombia so I can see were your at.
  6. thanks for the info i will have to check that out on the relay im putting in this weekend
  7. tell me more about the shunting diode this is the first i have heard of it thanks
  8. some one crorect me if im wrong but the ports should only be about 1.5" long
  9. yeah my wife like the shirt and let me know the price of that hoddie and you can just stick it in the box with my xls when its done
  10. nice thanks guys i just want to finish off the system then i will start putting work on the air ride i have a ton of leaning to do so everyone has said to stay away from airbagit, aim and chassie tech
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