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  1. You heard it here first....

    I almost picked this vehicle up for CHEAP 2 months ago. I'm glad i backed out and it's back in the hands of it's original builder. It gives me that warm feeling like i just helped a lost puppy find it's owner.
  2. I love how he states he's "practically a genius in math and engineering" but does lawns. LOLZ. But i wouldn't mind hearing it.....with a set of matching subs.
  3. Term Lab access

    I just picked up my own termlab last month. I'm up in Superior but I make it down to Rice Lake,WI at least 3 times a month and i also have family in Eau Claire and Rhinelander to visit. Send me a P.M. if you're from any of those areas and would like to meet up for a test. Jeremiah.
  4. We currently have an opening for an Installation Manager and Car Audio Sales. Currently all the techs in the shop make over $40k/yr. Much Much more available for an experienced Installation Manager. Call Ed or Jeff to set up an interview at 315-788-1754.
  5. We currently have 3 car audio employees who each work 6 days a week for 50-56hrs on the paycheck. The Car Audio Manager currently is on salary and the other installer and i are on hourly pay. We have had employees in our autobody shop who were paid by the job so whatever you want to work out with the boss is your call.
  6. We are still looking for more installers, the money is great! Car audio is still big in this town, it hasn't died out like many other places have. We are doing average systems from the $3-6k dollar range every day. WE HAVE THE WORK AND WE LIKE GOING BIG! Check out some pics of the bosses build log on his Chameleon H2 on 28's. TheJunctionInc.com
  7. I like The Performer's fiberglass work but I think Cracker deserves my vote this month. The man has bought his entire system from SMD members and I would like to see him get an Alt for his faith in this site. (and I'm digging the fiberglass A-Pillars).
  8. need with t20001bd

    I had a T20001bd before with the same problem. I pulled the cover off the amp to see the board and found one filiment of power wire sitting on the board. I removed the strand of wire and lightly took some compressed air to the board. Reassembled it, hooked up power and it turned right on. With all the perforated holes under the wiring beauty panel its easy to drop a strand of wire from your 1/0 onto the board when your hooking up the amp, hope this helps.
  9. Where are you located Navi? I might be interested in one if could see it in person.
  10. kicker or fi

    4 JBL A6000GTI on an 18V system will do 179.3 DB. But its all box and charging system to get those kind of numbers. If you were to open the the doors and try to burp that thing at half volume the subs would unload and be blown to pieces.
  11. If you want to do some damage go and recess the bottom panel of your sub box 3/4" of an inch and mount razor blades on the inside edge pointing down and in at a 45* angle. You can go to car shows and nobody will know the difference. But as soon as a punk prys open your trunk and tries to lift out your subs he'll know he's in the wrong. Then you still have your sub box and just file a police report in the morning and have the boys in blue check out the local emergency rooms for you. I heard this idea from a dude cracked out of his mind and i just wrote it off as crazy talk, but the more I think about it the more I think it would work as a hell of a theft deterent.
  12. Looking good Thor. What did you use to secure your battery in place? I was in Pulaski today and didn't have anything going on, if it weren't for the rain and temps just a few degrees above freezing i probably would have made the trip down for another demo. Keep up the good work!
  13. If the boss asks you during the interview what your plans were in the industry, and it involved becoming a business owner be sure to tell him you want to open a shop in ANOTHER town. A prospective boss will not take you in under his wing if you plan on opening a shop right down the street from him and taking your own customers with you.
  14. That was a Midwest SPL event, Termlab and clamped power. They definetly weren't using a Boomstick from Walmart, thats for sure.