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  1. The QTS with stock coil and aluminum pole sleeve is fairly high ; would have to check it exactly when built. I can also expand the OD a bit to raise QTS further as there are 3 options wider on the OD than stock with the sleeve system So yes, we can do pretty much anything with the motor and sleeve system. Awesome man, thank you. I know what my next substage upgrade will be than.
  2. Awesome shit bro, dude seems like a real good dude, he deserved it, and you paying it forward makes me proud to be a part of your community.
  3. Rms for 8 of those is 4800watts. So an Saz 5000 would be perfect. Anything more than that depends on if you for sure can properly set your gains/design your enclosure/back up with the electrical.
  4. Think that with all these options an 18" sub ideal for infinite baffle could be built? (qts ~.6, fs < 30hz)
  5. EDIT: In hindsight, I should probably avoid looking like some sort of condescending PC elitist.
  6. That, and dont you have a console and a pc? Cut out the middle man, spend the same amount on just a pc and get better graphics and a pc for your pc stuff.
  7. Yeah, that's infinite baffle. Neither the SA 8 or SD2 8 will work well in infinite baffle. Here's a good quote I found that describes what you need to look for when choosing a driver for IB better than I can: The SA 8 has way too low an Qts (.33), and a little too high an Fs (35hz). The SD2-8 has an acceptable Qts(.58), but way too high an Fs(45.2hz). You're going to want to find an 8 with an Qts of >.6, an Fs ~30-35hz, and a decent amount of excursion. With infinite baffle, I highly recommend getting drivers with more cone area! a Single 8" is not going to be very loud at all. But if you must, than the Dayton RS HF 8" is what I'd recommend. A little low on the Qts(.5) side but with an Fs of 28Hz you shouldn't notice that. Be careful, though, it doesn't have all that much excursion(9mm), and cone area and excursion are the things you need for output in infinite baffle! http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=295-456
  8. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/157471-sundown-x-10-x-15-x-18-prototypes-here/page-2#entry2270382 Add an inch or two for the pole piece to properly vent.
  9. OP, if you're talking about one of those stock 8" sealed enclosures, and SD-2 8" would work better, but make sure you check out the mounting depth and cutout size. If the cutout size is too small you'll need to check if it's possible to enlarge it. If the mounting depth is too shallow, you'll need a spacer (which might mean that you'll have to leave the plastic cover off) Probably your best bet for an SA-8 would be to build an enclosure. If you wanted to keep a factory look, and the SD-8" wont fit in the stock enclosure, you're going to have to measure out if a fiberglass enclosure would fit inside of that panel, and build yourself one. If you were thinking of doing Infinite Baffle (free air into the trunk), neither driver would be optimal for an Infinite Baffle alignment. If possible, I would look into maybe doing at least a single 12", I recommend Fi Car Audio's IB3's. For inspiration, here's a good example of IB3 12's installed into a trunk: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/143276-2003-chevy-monte-carlo-ss-audio-build-ib-build/
  10. You mean like this? (10:00) http://youtu.be/AKH23bamIKU
  11. I believe last Black Friday SundownOnly (Now EMF Audio) had a 10% off sale.
  12. I'll donate some on Thursday, love my Obsidian's so I'll see what I can do to help him put out some more great products!
  13. Maybe the car has a high resonance and tuning lower flattened the response.
  14. Are these going to be more spl oriented or a low end monster like the sa8v.2?
  15. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo daughter cause n8 is hacking errybody out here! Edit: https://www.3kings.com/default.aspx Looks like they know you know, they took down the sundown stuff.
  16. The increase is cone area (two 15's over two 12's), and the addition of 25% more power, should be quite noticeable assuming you have the space for the recommended enclosure for the 15's. Not sure how big of a trunk an Accord has, but it sure is a tight squeeze to fit two 15's in the trunk of my Buick, without building in the trunk. What are you maximum dimensions?
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