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  1. start small, check your wiring, amplifier settings, etc.
  2. So I am getting ready for the Zv5 18's, four of them. I am running 4 of the SAZ-3500D's. I only have 2 pair of Neo Pro 6.5's and a pair of ST-1 tweeters, will that be enough to keep up? I am powering the mids and highs with an SAX-100.4
  3. If the SA-12's aren't enough, then go with the Zv3's. How loud are you trying to be?
  4. I would suggest just buying the Zv4. You can recone a Zv3 with the Zv4 soft parts but you won't get the full performance because the Zv3 frame won't allow the travel.
  5. lol. post a picture of any sub altered and people are gunna guess its the company they nut hug. lol. ZVX-8 looks dope. cant wait to see this thing in person I would agree with you but probably 95% of the guesses were for the Sundown SA-8. The only thing I did to the sub was remove the logo on the dustcap and blacken the areas on the gasket that said "Skar". If you put all the square subs in a line and remove their logos I can still tell you which one is the Kicker SoloBaric
  6. I posted an altered picture of this sub on Facebook and no one thought it was a Skar Audio sub, most everyone thought it was the SA-8
  7. Off hand I can't say but Contact Chris @ Db-r.com. He does excellent work.
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