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  1. Kind of off topic but my hifoncs hfi amps do .5 ohm daily. I don't see why a sundown wouldn't. Rise should be above 1ohm in most applications.
  2. So teamht you can just roll through a police checkpoint? Or you have to stop and tell them you don't consent? I'm confused. Lol
  3. Alan. Louisville is an international hub for ups. So just about everything goes through there. Cause I had a package come from CA. Went to Louisville then shipped to Indianapolis then to my house. Louisville is 15mins from my house. Indy is 1.5hours. My buddy works for ups so I asked him and that's what he told me.
  4. Me and Matt(IH8PunkRok) were helping a guy decide on a system or subs and stuff. And then this comment was posted and the guy was completely serious. I was dying laughing.
  5. Pic of my car last night. My buddy got two shots before his camera died.
  6. Chris is on my team. He set the record at 157.8 loudest MECA street score ever. It's 4 fi n3 18's on 2 SD16k's. does that score at 42hz if I remember correctly. It's brutal for sure. Won't be long before the windshield gives out.
  7. China ftw. Lol. I might switch my dd9518's to zv4 18's when I can afford to or blow these dd's.
  8. I think he said his amps are like 2 weeks out there being hand built and made to be a matching pair. already has caps in, box built and he was supposed to be putting his subs in today.
  9. Possibly. But the caps charge so fast that it should be fine. He has dual alts on his Tahoe he has his stock and his 300 but the 300 is hooked up for his system. Like I said we have testing to do. He got his subs last week. He has everything except amps.
  10. I don't know. IH8PunkRok has done calculations that says how many watts his banks can support from 15v down to 10v. It's a lot I don't remember right off hand. But he was going to run 2 tar 20k's and at full power on music they would draw 900 amps max. And he was going to be able to support those for a good bit. But since the stuff happened in Boston it was going to take like 6 months for him to get his amps. So he went back to sd again.
  11. Yes. He probably won't ride around blaring his music full tilt all day. But he will do demo's and he probably going to do park n pound this year. He's one of my teammates he won s5 last year and that's his goal this year. The caps charge so fast that the alt should charge them quickly. He's been in constant contact with the manufacture and they said that it should be just fine. So yes we have testing to do. But one of our other teammates tested 2 banks this weekend in his setup. He charged to 14.9 ran off no alt no batts just straight to the amp. He did a 149.3 clamped 1900+ out of a dd m3 around 3 ohms. He dropped from 14.9 down to 14.3 for a burp. So if he had an alt charging the caps there would have probably been no drop at all.
  12. You don't need one big enough just enough of them. My buddy is going to be running 10banks in his Tahoe with 4 n3 18's and 2 sd16k's. he has a dc power 300 amp alt as well.
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