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  1. Time to knock out these a pillars!! These tweets are big as shit lol But they sexy as hell
  2. Notice How the panel still have curvature!? When considering the design I wanted to make sure the panel wasnt too "boxed" because I don't like the look for the exact panel to be the exact size due to that boxy look.. the front top and sides all have transition and will look BADASS when upholstered!! Anywho.. As ugly as it looks on pic, the body work is damn near paint ready and smooth as a babies bottom in person! I havent had the chance to take "final final" pics but these were the "final" layers until my ocd kicked in and I did more sanding with higher grit and more body filler lol.. Notice the expanding foam in the panels!?! Well I designed to put it in all areas that were "hollow" or had empty space! That made a huge difference!!! so just a little suggestion try on your next set of panels (and I have knu deadening in them as well)
  3. Oh How i love when everything is trimmed and start making shape... Im OCD AF!! So I love when stuff comes out as I visioned it to be Trim piece test fit.. still fitted! Idk where it went wrong but it did so I'm gonna fix it Test fitted on the door looking lovely as hell!!
  4. So I ran into a fitment issue on my driver side.. the driver side is VERY particular on the shape of the panel. I went to test fit it, closed the door, open it and it ripped the panel off lmaoo So I had to grind down that portion that was grabbing and re glass it.. thankfully fiberglass is for actual repair or I'd be assed out for making it this far without test fitting! (test fitted the passenger side and assumed smh) Here's the giant hole I had to cut out and repair Good as new
  5. From there I got the edges made for counter sink... As ya'll can see there is ZERO gaps during this process so I'll make the proper adjustments on the final trim pieces
  6. So for the Final door design I'm going for a factory matched vinyl with charcoal stitching along the counter sink to have it completely match my interior.. The trim pieces will be chamfered and painted to color match my oem paint will grill cloth to mask the speakers.. Should look KILLER!! Got the wood work knocked out!! Here's the final trim design Being that I am far in this build I can give ya'll a quick update on the actual trim. So Of course everyone knows with fiberglassing there is a little bit of warp or shrinkage depending on whatever variables. Being that my trim pieces are SUPER fitted (like have to pull back the board to slide it in area at a time), after the fiberglassing I experienced slight warp so there is gaps in areas it wasnt at first. So these pics are how the final trim pieces will look but will be re cut for perfect fitment to the current shape after they are upholestered!
  7. Sorry for the image issues... photobucket sucks so I changed picture hosting sites.. So this was the initial design I sketched in class (lol) Got it as close as I liked as I wanted a little curvature from the fiberglass so I shortened all sides except the bottom Perfect fitment!! The boss thing about the UNs are the 8s are less than a 1/4" bigger than the Hertz 6.5s .. Only reason the profile of the door will be thicker is due to the full panel design rather the individual speaker ring design
  8. Whats up bro!! Yea ever since I purchased it I've heard A LOT about it lol Kind of nervous now but I've narrowed it down to most common issues that I can try to avoid. Most of it is the settings with the knob which I didn't plan to use or even run my subs through. Subs will be ran directly from my headunit thru a custom bass knob my teammate made me .. I was strictly going to use it to tune my doors, One setting, no bluetooth, no nothing .. just eq and crossover ... Also they sent out a new update on the program, so hopefully that will also cure the bugs ppl experienced. Also read not to put a class d remote wire to the remote out on it so ill keep it on my headunit remote out... Hopefully with me using it simply and making minor adjustments in install that I wont have to experience the bs. It seems like ppl either have a good or horrible experience so im hoping im on the good side lol And to answer your question on my status, Red Ruby is still the platform! she's a soldier haha Whats good brodie!! I'm back at it like a crack addict haha
  9. Whats going on folks!! Been a MINUTE and man time flys!! I've decided to go about a "final" build for Red Ruby ... Went back to school as of last year so I took a huge pay cut and hit on personal time so it will be at least 2years after this before I do anything else to her! This build will be as big as the last... I will again get her painted , getting new wheels (same TSWs just different front offset) and put together a BADASS build!! For this one, Things will be a bit different. No more Hertz !!! Here's How the new log is gonna play out: Front Stage: Ampere 75.4 (for now) Ampere 150.4 6 Crescendo Audio UN8s 4 Peerless Titanium tweets Substage: Ampere 2000.1 (for now) 3 Soundqubed HDS3.112s Custom Birch 5.1 cu ft enclosure Big Ass port (8") Plexi Paint LED action OTHER: Upgraded Singer Alt 230 (clamped 250) w/ copper stud 2 Banks of 5 Maxwell Caps 2.7V 3000farad Rockford 3.Sixty.3
  10. Whats good SMD, Its Been a MINUTE!! Got so much to catch up with yall... New Build underway! :D

    1. Kyblack76


      Hey bud. Cheers and welcome back man. New build eh??? Are ya doing more to red ruby? Or new plat form? Do tell. Welcome back man...

    2. Kyblack76


      Just re read your old BL. Saw the pic. You posted that on one of my FB groups, doors for days ya???? 

      I'm pretty sure I saw the same exact pic ;)

  11. Bump for votes!! Show some love to a nice, clean trunk build!!! - Custom Door Panels housing 2 sets of Hertz HSK165s and a set of Hertz HSK130s powered by Ampere 125.4 - 2 Northstar SMS220s with Custom Distro Terminals - 3 Sundown Sa 12s powered by Ampere 3800
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