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  1. Levi P can i have a pm on some XL 10's to 78613 plz dual 2's also the 12" XL please
  2. thermal handling is different.. Also what amp an ohm load are u running.
  3. must be 10-15's the sa8 motor wont work for me No shifted poles or chunks out of the motors. Gonna Need 4 of them Price- cheap as possible
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I have some audio technix deadner i think 15ft left ill measure if ur interested
  6. Will do sir an thanks for offering up these awesome woofers!!!!
  7. Just bought some KNU used but for 20 ft spent 25 bux shipped with a few terminals on the ends already. BIG 3 COMIN SOON oh an picking up a HC800 at heatwave for 70 bux. Voltage sshould be a tad better within a few weeks
  8. No big 3 yet either lol with havin my 3 month old son an workin 12hrs days its kinda hard. On a side note i need to buy some wire to do the BIG 3
  9. Ya my voltage dips to low 11's so i rarely play it. Saving up for a extra battery an alternator
  10. Obsidian Audio 12" x2 Crescendo 2k amp BC2000d Audiobahn 6.5's fronts Alpine 4v H/U older one Stinger volt meter blue Audio Technix 60mil deadener
  11. There prolly busy testing still so call again an email
  12. Obsidian Audio 12"s for 336 shipped an a Crescendo BC2000d for 300 shipped http://obsidiancaraudio.com/index.php?id=9 an ud have to call crescendo since there website isnt updated for new amps
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