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  1. X2 you need to come out to the show. I'll have my good camera, we can get a cople dope videos
  2. And weren't his dd's in a box sealed off from the trunk? While these subs are firing directly into the trunk lid. That's also apples to oranges. Terry is just a fucking man when it comes to trunk cars. Great score. Hey rusty get that man his lvl 5's, I wanna see what he can really do
  3. So next time I'm in Utah, you guys are buying drinks, right?
  4. Doesn't seem too low. Put it on a charger and keep checking it daily. Should be salvageable.
  5. I still die of laughter every time I think of that motorcycle guy story LOL
  6. i still got your headphones bro, sitting on the shelf. The ones that asshole meade bought for 3 people JUST BECAUSE. Come by! Lol I've been tryin to get a hold of you but minel is always on the road so I have no way. I guess I'll just try to be lucky one day and come up. Oh ya, asshole.
  7. No offense taken LOL. All the 3 times I've been to your shop, you've been nothing but welcoming and nice. People just love to hate. That's what it truly comes down to.
  8. Oh and that loser that owns a shop in salinas, Greg? Ya he talks shit about anyone he lays his eyes on. Fool is a douche. /rant
  9. I just had to argue with some pimple faced kid today that was talking shit about you on Facebook. Shits pathetic.
  10. He's got more money than he knows what to do with lol. Might as well find a way to put a beer cooler in the case. He's gonna want a tall boy while he's playing LOL
  11. Lol if you want a different opinion then I'd post in a different section. That's one of the most common motors for dual triple or even quadruple alt brackets. Tons of options for brackets. Mechman, dc power, Ohio gen, etc.
  12. I know someone with 4 mayhem 18's that are sitting around.. I'm in nor cal. Maybe if he'll let you "rent" them, I can deliver them for a fee
  13. Anyone found the headless horseman? Shit kinda creeped me out lol
  14. Agreed on the horrible ending. Just beat it today and it pissed me off. Lol
  15. Thank god you decided this over the 2 level 5's. Bout time bill walled this car
  16. Almost like when I took my car to les Scwab to get new tires put on and I hear my fucking system on full tilt while I'm waiting in the parking lot. As soon as they saw me walk up to my car they ran and hid in the back. I hate people with no respect. I say make em buy the guy a brand new car.
  17. You love giving guys the O face, don't you LOL
  18. Oh ya GREAT guy to deal with. Definitely recommended to buy from and sell to.
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