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  1. >Nov 22 LOL keep dreaming bud edit- Assuming you meant GTA V comes out that day for next gen/pc
  2. I think that's true about me with every GTA game lol In terms of GTA V... What isn't appealing? lol, the whole game is phenomenal. The entire game has been reinvented, and brings in a lot of elements from other R* games (shooting is very reminiscent of RDR)
  3. Lol I did play after I posted that. I'll be streaming again tomorrow after like 11PM EST
  4. I game on both consoles and PC. I've spent probably $2k+ on my PC, so of course it's going to look better than console... I don't understand why most PC gamers like to brag about it. Sure, games looks better on my PC, but I spent more on my graphics card than I did on my consoles... For what I spent on them (buying both at launch day), the PS3 and 360 had damn good graphics compared with a similarly-priced PC at the time of release!
  5. Streaming again right now if you wanna watch Probably gonna be playing for a while.
  6. Thanks all who watched. I'm gonna get some sleep, and then I'll be back at it tomorrow night.
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be streaming GTA V as soon as I get home from Gamestop, which will be around 1AM EST. Here's the link! twitch.tv/slgmichael
  8. Got the privilege to sit in one of these beauties yesterday. Awesome car. The install looks super clean as always!
  9. This is what my Galaxy Nexus looks like when its ready to be sanded and painted. I'm thinking matte white will be a good color for this phone.
  10. I have a few. SLGMichael's Steam Library I don't play them all, as you can tell by the Hours On Record for all of them. LOL I'm down to play if someone invites me though.
  11. I play the shit out of it on PC, and actually run a few servers. I own it for 360 but don't play as much
  12. I remember seeing this bad motherfucker in an old issue of Truckin' he's got a badass boat he hauls with it, also painted to match.
  13. I think we can all agree that if you think to yourself "Would this be okay to post here?" that you probably shouldn't. Better to be safe than sorry.
  14. Preordered an LP60.4 through him, very easy to deal with. Still my go-to guy for Skar stuff.
  15. Got my 60.4 today, thanks a ton! Was honestly surprised about the size though, this thing is super tiny, I had no idea they were this small lol!
  16. In case anyone is wondering: Around me, Science Channel is 110 on Concast/Xfinity, or 217/872 for HD. It's probably different in other locations, but I thought I would try lol
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