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  1. what does the bump do to help?? This is interesting It reinforces the sound deaddener, just like a T-beam is stronger then a regular flat piece of metal. very interesting thx
  2. girl has an amazing voice!!! love the song the the start of this topic also
  3. well around here there is only 2 ones at a gas company and the other is a specific gas station with it and nothing else i believe and you can't tell in his truck weather its gas or cng working he can run either or. but for half the price you can't beat it (to me) even if there is only a few places to get it. edit: idk where you live but i live near a small city named ft. smith in arkansas and that city has one and a town next to it called arkhoma in oklahoma has one(the one at the gas company) so i would think any bigger city would have many more
  4. my boss has no problems with his cng so i don't know how it could run better and idk what you mean burns better i guess bigger explosion? maybe but cng burns clean you won't even get carbon build up if thats what you mean
  5. whats the lpg conversion? my boss/teacher has the cng conversion and loves it i don't think it takes but a cpl days at our dealership(chevy) and the cng is wayyyyy cheaper and gas is not ever gonna be as cheap as cng
  6. idk really i dont want to give you bad info let someone more knowledgeable help you or have ramdesigns design you one
  7. trial and error or have someone thats knows what they are doing design it and you build it like ramdesigns
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