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  1. oh and also you need to show off those motors so either reverse or add some plexi into that box
  2. you don't have a mounting ring for those? I thought you had to on the lvl 6 12s. I got one for my lvl 6 12
  3. that's true.. and especially don't want to have to Recone them now because dc won't touch them with those baskets.
  4. haha yes I am In the process of mounting my lvl 6 12 and yes it's a pain in the ass to get in place.
  5. here's the Pole ID- 3.809 top plate ID- 4.304 just in case if anyone is in need of it in the future
  6. if you call it a build. Nothing that special just trying to do a single 12. Would love to do another wall but have more important things going on.
  7. hey I have a lvl 6 M1 motor with a 12" TI basket. I currently am in the process of getting prices on drop in recones, but I need the top plate ID and the pole ID. My question is, is this info that I can attain myself? or find out on DCs forum. thanks
  8. where did you purchase the motor spacer? (in order for the basket to be able to bolt to the motor). And where did you purchase the soft parts?
  9. Hello, I have had these in storage for awhile then sold them to a friend. He is looking to sell these... even though they have quite a bit of use they are still in good condition. All four were ran off a Rockford t10001bd so they hardly ever were played full tilt. NO TRADES Price: 200.00 per woofer, or if you want all four we can work something out. It was his say on what the price was set at. whoops sorry about the date.. 2 days in advance.
  10. I have one kinda for sale, I could use it but then again its just adding weight.... let me know, I will let it go for 260 shipped. Floats at 12.8v
  11. IF you are really that broke send me a payment for a flat rate box and I will stuff as much 1/0 as I can fit into it. Probably be close to 8-10ft. Let me know I am getting rid of everything, and I guess including wire if someone wants it.
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