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  1. Member since March 2009 and I am from Alaska wouldn't be able to tell from my post count that I have been here that long. I am a professional lurker.
  2. I am going to assume it was the gravel on the road that made you dump your bike? I almost did that yesterday on my new bike, might wait a little longer until they sweep all this gravel off the roads. Fucking stupid alaska winters.
  3. Find a union, that's how I got my telecommunications job with zero training or school.
  4. This times 1 million. My truck has a 6.0L LS2 with a 4l60e, at about 68,000 miles and I can feel the tranny starting to slip.
  5. Don't know if it was a good deal, bought a new LG 7.4 cuft gas dryer for 750 bucks with a 3 year warranty. Old dryer broke haha
  6. no need to call 911 right away... idiots.. the train could have stopped instead of horning...i dont know..at least slow the fuck down...he was like racing that trainALSO hate people who do not call for help right away...but they just stay there and argue about that.. It depends on how fast and how many cars they have, a fully loaded train coal or freight is about 1.5 miles long going around 55 mph would take longer then a mile to stop. I know this because I have work for the railroad for over 4 year, you understand how insane a train is when you stand less then 3 feet away from one fully loaded going 65 mph+ it has so much momentum it's mind blowing. Train crews also avoid going into emergency stops because when they do it locks up all the axles and causes rail burn which cause crews to replace the rail and when a train is over 1 mile Iong that's a lot of rail and costs a shit ton of labor and money to replace the rail.
  7. Where I live, not many people have no idea what DC audio is. So when I give demos they ask what subs I have and I tell them "2 DC auido level 6 12s" they are always just like "oh" in dissapointment. I am sorry I don't run kicker and my 2 12s are louder then your 4 15s.
  8. Buy all my jeans from Nordstroms, pretty expensive but so god damn comfortable. Also they are very very good on exchanges, as long as you keep the receipt you can return the pants in for money back or a new pair. No matter what condition the jeans are in.
  9. My list starting from my favorite. Fringe Breaking bad The black list House
  10. I think if they want people to donate and not do the challenge, make the challenge something disgusting.
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