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  1. fly me out, and let me stay while we are building, will work for food
  2. Dustin=Fatbastard!! But your right fudge rounds are GREAT!!!
  3. I got the TPI Pro 440. All I can say is I dont know how I lived without this thing. Best purchase I have ever bought.
  4. ohhh its a florida thing i think lol. i only see that when i go to jville lol.
  5. It being dead on shouldnt matter. If used for tuning who cares. for example if you find out standing on ur head while u burp it and gain 2DB. You should gain the same or close on the TL.
  6. its all depends on placement. I had one indash under the deck. It was 6db higher then the TL on the dash. It would be nice to do a comparison having both placed in the same location. Oh thing is the epic only measures Full DB's.
  7. Why cant I sell here? What did I do? My prices cant be beat!
  8. Whats your thoughts on optima red tops? not exactly a deep cycle, but gets the job done. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  9. Dont know if you know this or not so I will post it. The power monitors are currently on sale for 199 til the end of the year. Just ordered mine today.
  10. How is the compitition Only format as far as being competitive? From what I see its broke down to 4ohm power ratings, and vehicle type. No woofer breakdown?
  11. I might make the drive if my other 2 DD subs are back in time. Should be fun.
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