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  1. For some reason i don't see him getting his hands on any moonshine... I guess your right. Lol. Its kinda common out here thats why it popped in my head. For legality purposes that's water. Nice stream water I bet. I'm jealous.
  2. For some reason i don't see him getting his hands on any moonshine... I guess your right. Lol. Its kinda common out here thats why it popped in my head.
  3. Crescendo, DC, db drive are all made in same factory. Just so everyone knows. You really don't know anything do you? You just spew out any garbage you have read. Didn't check the db Drive website.... did you? :suicidesanta:
  4. If that's what I think it is in the Mason jar. I'm surprised your awake already.
  5. Alpine 9886r. Hard to find in US, but can be found. Kenwood KVT-516 has red buttons and is a flip screen. And almost every Kenwood single din can change the color of buttons ans screen to any color.
  6. I've ran everything. Kenwood was very good. Great price. Great features. Decent looks. Never broke. Just had the screen flicker issue due to huge dash flex. I'd recommend them.
  7. How is 14^3 to big for 2 18"s? O_o I think as long as gain is set right, and your easy on them at first and learn the limits. You'll be good.
  8. Best thing to do, is just do you. So what you enjoy, talk to who you wanna talk to. The ladies will come in time. Best way to start with ladies, in my mind, just wait for the prime moment. Say you about to leave /arrive at school. You notice a cute girl behind you, hold the door open then casually be like " hey" or "Nice shoes" or " nice phone" anything. Then just walk on. That gets their attention, they noticed you noticing them. Ans they also noticed you walking away without really hitting on them. You'll be on their mind all day.
  9. I'm still rocking a stock alt, so I drop to 13.2 instantly. Take a few to get below 13v though. While driving it stays 12.6-12.8 no matter what. I have 5 Deka G31's in rear. M3a @.5 does a bit over 3k I'd say. Its definitely a current hog though.
  10. I'm just going off of manufacturer recommendations from the booklet I got with them... It says 9cf per woofer after displacement would be an optimal enclosure. Do NOT go off those specs. They are terrible. I'd say put both in 14^3 with 16^2-18^2 port per cube and tune to 36-38Hz. You will be most happy with it.
  11. Based on the fusing it should be able to do at least 800wrms, maybe more. But for that price, who cares? lol Buy two and your set.
  12. LSU all the way! But I REFUSE to watch the first fucking half.
  13. Finally got both 18"s installed in the PT now. Running off a single Digital Designs M3a @.5ohm. Barely tickling them. They get SOOO low, and sound amazing on everything. Plays every note so well. I am very happy, even with this low power. 14^3 box, 270^2 of port, 40Hz tune. 152.2db @39Hz
  14. I don't think he will ever be rid of it. Especially if they make a movie. That's like getting your ass kicked in high-school, and they put it in the yearbook. Haha
  15. i thought you and your film crew had that part figured out? Wow, great response. Thanks for the insight.
  16. How does the DD-1 determine when distortion starts?
  17. It was my channel. And I did make the video. I did not make it to prove or disprove anything. I just recorded some observations we made. As I said before, a few times now, I like the DD-1. And cheap views? Nah, I don't care that much about YouTube. Lol
  18. I didn't say it didn't work? Did I? As it does work, I even said it helped me clean my mids/highs up.
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