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  1. When I built a 4th order for my XL 15's I only did 1.5 cubes sealed side per sub. That seemed to work out well.
  2. I misread the OP. I thought it was purchased to replace a Yellowtop in the summer and not installed until now and it is not taking a charge. I got it now.
  3. I've got a D3100 that has been sitting in the garage all year. When I put the charger on automatic it only takes a few seconds to kick off and say it's fully charged. Should I just let it set on a trickle charge for a while anyway just to be safe?
  4. What ever happened to the flat cones? I remember them being experimented with a few years back but never heard what happened with that.
  5. "With water, if you want more pressure, you go smaller pipe before the faucet." Decreasing pipe size does not increase pressure. It increases velocity.. The only way to increase water pressure is with elevation or a pump.
  6. Yeah, that high tech suspension and supercar handling doesn't mean much when the tires aren't on the ground!
  7. Make an account at Photobucket.com and upload your pics there. Then you can use the img code for each pic on here.
  8. I'd build a replica of the Jeepers Creepers truck. I originally thought about a big system in the back but I think I'd rather keep it simple and just drive around killing and eating teenagers.
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