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  1. I'm from the roswell area and i'm looking for fellow bass heads to hang out and chill with. Talk audio and maybe start a team. May i ask you where at in NM are you from?

  2. Willing to pay 300 for a used AQ2200 and 400 for a pair of HDC3 15s.
  3. You can make anything load. It just depends on what you put in it.. It looks like those are SUV type cars so you should do an SUV type box. Subs up, port back.
  4. Yeah.. swap out the RCA's and see if that fixes it. You've got a bad ground somewhere in your wiring if that doesn't fix it..
  5. Just use the box calculators all over the net. RE has a nice one for L shaped slot ports. Your driver manufacturer should give the total displacement of the woofer. And for bracing you just get the volume of the brace and add it in there. Your box should be able to give enough room for however many cu. ft you want to do + driver and bracing displacement.
  6. Oh yeah you should always have a good alarm before you start loading your car with expensive equipment lol. For the headunit.. If you stay with kenwood, you won't be disappointed no matter which one you get. I've had ALOT of kenwood decks and they are all very nice.
  7. Sounds like a bad idea to me, the sun + glue.. It'd probably lift right off of any major dips in the dash. I would just paint it the same color as whatever you're wrapping your seats with.
  8. Well, usually that's why would cover your dash with a cover in direct sunlight.. but after the fact I guess all you can do is pull it out and put a new one in, or permanently cover it with a nice cover...
  9. PA & Lanzar = :No: Waste of money when you can spend a few more hundred and get 10x the quality.
  10. Stick with the sundowns.. They are really great subs. You're looking at 470 for the SA-15D4's. If you really want 15s then spend the extra money now so you don't end up getting something you will be replacing anyways.
  11. Oh, and what do you have those kenwood amps wired to? I had a couple 12's wired at 2 ohms, set the gains right before clipping which was like 750 watts.. boom a week later your problem showed up. I would turn the volume down and it would stop and play constant.. I grabbed a clamp and volt meter, checked the output.. 400 watts. That amp just seems to be SHIT! It'll play all day at 400 watts.. Try it, set the gains for 400 watts and see if you find the same thing. Just barely going over 430 watts would make mine lose power.
  12. You know what... I had a few of them kenwood 1800's also, and they both do that same shit! Get a refund if you can and don't look back!
  13. You can get a pair of sundown SA-12's for less than $400. Check em out on youtube, I think I saw a dude do 150db+ with a pair of em on 3k watts or somethin like that.
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