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  1. you guys are tripping, if there wasn't a 12v alternator how else do you charge a 9v battery
  2. From the video I saw on YouTube jy wasn’t able to keep up with the limitless, but who knows how well those batteries were charged up prior to test.
  3. I will be having 2 charging system soon. I have the universal mechman 320 single wire I'm in the works of talkin to someone to install it. And a stock dc to dc charging system.
  4. Thanks for yall input I'm in a battle between limitless and xs power..
  5. 1st questions i plan on running 12k rms and i noticed that the XS15k and XS30k are the max rating and the continuous are half the max. So does that mean i would have to get a XS30k for my 12k rms system or will the XS15K be good enough. And what the difference between the spl version and non spl 2nd question I started to look at some post about them and I noticed someone said that they were informed by XS Power that the battery perform best at 11.8v. Is this true? This information kinda threw me off because I don't like going below 12v. That makes wonder where the the 16v version perform best at. 3rd questions how will they handle mixing with agm batteries? I currently have 2 xs power battery a D5100r and a D2400. And I also will be buying a charger. I was going to buy a XS Power PSC15 but I also noticed XS have lithium chargers. Can i charge them all together or separate or delete the agm batteries? Will it matter if I used the PSC15 for the lithium battery, or is it a must that i get a lithium charger? 4th question be honest with me, do you guys really think it's worth getting lithium battery. And do you think the other companies lithium battery like jy or limitless are good? 5th question is not a lithium question, just don't feel like making another post for this simple question. But my D2400 crack on the side and leaked from it. I removed it and put my voltmeter on it read 12.6v and it did well on a load test. So I just put glue on the crack and put back in the car. Should I be worried about it. I've had that battery since 2011
  6. welllll ok........ i fucccccccccccccckiiiiingggggg love orange juices... i do not know why but i am true addicted to it i can carry with me a family size tropicana all day and i will drink and drink drink..... i even drink and drive.... yes thats right i drink oj while i am driving... i think i need help. cause im drinking oj while i'm typing this.
  7. just use CA glue dont experiment with other glue you might lose a recone.
  8. correct me if i'm reading this wrong but are you saying you taking you remote wire and your grounding it to the case of the amp??? if so, dont do that again. thats a 12v output. your lucky you didnt blow the remote output on the radio..... does this noise happen when you put the car on acc (engine off)? make sure you get twisted good quality RCA and run it on the other side of the car separated from the power wires
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