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  1. He tried to scam me too but I got my money refunded by Paypal.
  2. pretty unrealistic. You should have bought 12's.
  3. I don't do a ton of designs but I do build a lot of 4th orders. I design everything I build. Robin Butler has quite a bit of experience on me in the 4th order department however. iamamp3pimp is his screen name on most forums.
  4. I think my meteer is screwed up, I might try to come out there.
  5. Doing a bunch of work to P.wall25's Caprice. He's got 2 BTL 18's that are getting walled, then I'm doing custom door panels from scratch which will hold 2 10's, 2 8's, and 2 6's per door. All Eminence. He has 3 nendo 1000c4's for the highs and 2 AQ 2200's for the subs. On to the pics! How about a custom built 12" aero port to start:
  6. Woah calm down man, I was not trying to offend. My point was the build of the box and the design of the box are often overlooked. It's a hard lesson learned for many, including myself. I've been building for a long time so I've made a lot of the same mistakes you are about to make. How is offering years of experience for an extremely low charge taking advantage of anyone? And before you call me pretentious or anything else, you might want to take a look at my work first. If you think all box designs are equal then you're mistaken. I don't design much for people on this site, but there are a f
  7. It's funny how much some people will spend on equipment but then get cheap when it comes time for the design and build of the most important part of the equation.
  8. There is a way to get 4cu ft per sub in that space but .... There is a good reason I charge for designs
  9. Alot of guys run a 2200 per 15" so 2200 for 2 15's is fairly low power for those subs.
  10. You'll want as big as possible considering the low power.
  11. You can fit the aq's and make them sound great if the box design is done right.
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