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  1. i was messin with you bro.... haha. im following you on FB... this is Ray Bigmescan Martinez.... and mescans love chainlink steering wheels
  2. ok does anyone know the minimum airspace per x8? ive looked and looked and have no info. i have a single cab f150 and im tight on space and i dont know any specs on them
  3. hey bro you still need to get the chainlink steering wheel and dingkeberrys hangin from the ceiling
  4. Your woofers have more motor force than your engine........ Effn nuts bro. I just wanna see how the hell batts and amps are going in the trunk.....
  5. Ive ran the sav.2 8's... And had no issues playing any type of music. Ive played just about anything.
  6. I might get hammered... He's probably leaving it AMI so Kevin just looks stupid. I wonder if Steve has the power to just ban a vendor? Shit I hope I don't get a vacation
  7. he posted on FB page that pricing would be around 130.......i want 6 of these in my truck.....
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