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  1. 1.Product: Android Tablet Coby Kyros MID7015 Pretty much brand new. 2.Specs: http://www.cobyusa.com/?p=prod&prod_num_id=10498&pcat_id=1013 3.Price: 95 SHIPPED FIRM! I NEED IT SOLD ASAP! 3.Description: Original leather case,original stylus, charger, usb cable, original headphones, original manual, hell even the original FREE 35 songs certificate LOL 8/10 condition because I pulled it out of the box and used it for a few days 10/10 functionality. 4.Pics:
  2. So I want to change my major. Currently I'm in music education and I hat it and want to switch I was thinking something like electrical engineering and business management. I really want to work in car audio for a living but am unsure what a good major would be any tips or pointer?
  3. Just made a volt meter

  4. Some were I read that they use a special terminal that is filled with like mercury or something so that it can spin and still maintain contact with the other side.
  5. That's completely understandable I'd be kinda mad if my girl lied to me like that.
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