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  1. 100n Chestnut Belton Mo 64012 Employee Pricing on Car Audio, and Wheels and Tires!! Last Year was big, This year will be HUGE. Show off your stereo at our Stereo Competition, Bring out your friends and family, this is a fun event for everyone. We'll have inflatable bounce houses for the kids, and hot food off the grill. We're closing the streets down and turning Chestnut St. into a huge Block Party the whole city can participate. Even if you don't have a car that can participate in our stereo competition, come by and see/hear some of the loudest vehicles in the Midwest. We'll be here late, possibly as late as midnight. So even if you can't make it for the show, come by for the sale
  2. Seen one. Guy came into the shop the other day and said he hit in the 170's with his 2 12" super blues. I don't see a reason not to believe him
  3. These are the prices I have to have in order to stay competitive
  4. Last wall I did was 6 12's and I have 32 hours in the enclosure alone
  5. You know what your problem is? You don't listen. There is great advise in this thread and you're too stupid to realize. Do 1 15 or 2 12's in the airspace you have, or fuck up a perfectly good 03-04 mustang building a box inside the trunk with a shit design and piss your friend off in the process.
  6. No picture fail, but news says we have 17 here. I haven't been out in a couple hours
  7. Further south Yeah, Shop is in belton well where is the home you speak of ya turd! I thought your shop was in belton anyway... This is how it is for us:
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