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  1. I see this thread has not been posted in for quite some time, but I am looking to purchase one of these in a few weeks, are production runs of these still in the works or are they unfortunately no longer available?
  2. When I had left my ex in FL and moved back to MN I had left my car for her and my audio in it, which didn't bother me. The only thing I asked of her was to ship me my pc when possible, well its about 6 months down the road, still no pc. I could go for all the audio in my previous vehicle, my pc and her pc if I wanted, but its going to cost me around 400$ to start the court process then a court date and then convincing a judge to allow the state of Florida to repo my 18" 2 pc's and my amps. You think this would be worth my time or not really?
  3. Anyone live near Shakopee Minnesota that could provide me with a serious demo of their system? Just got out of a bad marriage and lost my audio vehicle and am going crazy from lack of bass and the fact my car is 1600 miles away from me so I couldn't listen to it if I even wanted to, hit me up at 952-454-7614, thanks! I don't have much opportunity to watch this post due to it not being my PC but just shoot me a text if anyone is interested in giving out a demo, thanks in advance, Dan.
  4. Should I black out my front turn signals? I think it'd look good but I'm not gonna catch shit from it from the police am I? Mainly I'm just curious if it'll look good on the truck?
  5. Yea, I'll have to see how two 15's works out for you, I might just have to step it down to 2 12's I guess.
  6. Yea, if I can manage to make it fit I think I'm going to go with 2 lvl 4 15s with 5 parts if it'll fit.
  7. I just bought a 2011 Ford Ranger XLT and I was wondering what kind of sub configuration options I may have in this truck with the small amount of backseat area it has. At this time though, I'm not about to sawzall a brand new truck, more so or less I'm just trying to see sub config options I have back there.
  8. First question, how the hell are going to load those rear chamber subs? and unless those side ports are really skinny, your not sticking like 50 wide in a compact car.
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