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  1. See my avatar. That's 2 alpine typ-r 12s on 2kws. It metered 148.3 @ 43 hz. For hair tricks it's all about tuning. That setup was tuned to 32 hz and moved tons of air. My newest setup with 2 AQ 15s on 3.3kws doesn't move near as much air, but it's tuned to 43 hz and meters a hair under 152dbspl.
  2. Thanks for the review bro, I was on the fence about seeing it, but now looking forward to it.
  3. It is a stereo signal that you have y it sounds like. You need a mono signal. Just use 1 channel, then y to both amps.
  4. I don't like the re calc either, but he input twice the length of port into the re calc than in exosport's calc...
  5. Yes that's a very low score for that much stuff. 145 would be a decent score. Your box is not aligned properly for your vehicle.
  6. Yeah Bill has good show, been to a few of his MECA events. Great turnout for them.
  7. I live in Tupelo, MS. Right around the corner from you guys.
  8. Do 2 15s in 8 cubes net with 130 square inches of port tuned to 35hz. WANG.
  9. Yeah I have banged EL for years, I was 15 when his first tape came out, and it was one of the first things played on my first system lol. I recently had a hard drive failure, and lost all of his albums:( I may have a link later for everyone, though:)
  10. Anyone know where to get any old Lover beats? I checked usenet and only found a couple..
  11. THIS. While some companies may claim different, most of the real difference is in customer service (and marketing).
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