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  1. See my avatar. That's 2 alpine typ-r 12s on 2kws. It metered 148.3 @ 43 hz. For hair tricks it's all about tuning. That setup was tuned to 32 hz and moved tons of air. My newest setup with 2 AQ 15s on 3.3kws doesn't move near as much air, but it's tuned to 43 hz and meters a hair under 152dbspl.
  2. Thanks for the review bro, I was on the fence about seeing it, but now looking forward to it.
  3. It is a stereo signal that you have y it sounds like. You need a mono signal. Just use 1 channel, then y to both amps.
  4. I don't like the re calc either, but he input twice the length of port into the re calc than in exosport's calc...
  5. Yes that's a very low score for that much stuff. 145 would be a decent score. Your box is not aligned properly for your vehicle.
  6. Yeah Bill has good show, been to a few of his MECA events. Great turnout for them.
  7. I live in Tupelo, MS. Right around the corner from you guys.
  8. Do 2 15s in 8 cubes net with 130 square inches of port tuned to 35hz. WANG.
  9. Yeah I have banged EL for years, I was 15 when his first tape came out, and it was one of the first things played on my first system lol. I recently had a hard drive failure, and lost all of his albums:( I may have a link later for everyone, though:)
  10. Anyone know where to get any old Lover beats? I checked usenet and only found a couple..
  11. THIS. While some companies may claim different, most of the real difference is in customer service (and marketing).
  12. Is it one of the older opti amps? I don't know much about the newer ones, but we clamped one of the older ones a couple years ago and got 1970 something out of it.
  13. As a general rule, ported gains around 2.7-3 dbs versus sealed with all factors being equal. Same power, probably be about equal, with the ported design having an edge over the 3 sealed.
  14. You're right about conveying what you mean decaf. No harm done here. They use a clipped signal in db drag because you hold the waveform longer. A clipped signal is actually 5-10 percent LESS voltage than a clean waveform.
  15. ISO is right on: I don't give a damn about your clipped music, decaf. An amplifier will not spit DC until it is clipping its output. Yes, the input and output waveforms will be the same on a scope. But you are not producing DC until that amplifier output stage is clipping. And no lol, I don't even know what the he'll butt hurt is, but I know that with your attitude, you will never learn anything else. You already know it all.
  16. WOW. Decaf has some aggression issues then. Let me see if I can simplify this for you, even though you don't deserve it but others do: an amplifier will put out a nice, smooth wave until it is driven into clipping. The signal at the inputs may be clipped, and the scope may reflect the clipped signal, but the amplifier will not produce DC voltage until the amplifier outputs clip. As I stated before, if you drive your AMP to clip because of the increase in signal voltage from a clipped signal, then the amp will clip. But you will not damage a driver or amplifier because of clipped signal input. I frankly don't care whose crap you have bought into, or what issues you have that make you so hostile and closed-minded. It doesn't change reality just because you get upset.
  17. A clip is not a clip, my friends. Amplifier output clipping is a voice-coil killer, unless you are doing it in competition to gain more power. Clipping anywhere else up the signal chain does not produce DC voltage @ the amplifier outputs. It just sounds bad. An amplifier must be driven into clipping before you get any DC out of it. The DC voltage is what heats the coils up, killing the driver. At the preamp stage, you are basically dealing with a dirty signal, and it will sound bad (although most do not detect it until it is upwards of around 15-20% in the sub 100hz range). I do agree that a clipped signal to the amp may drive the amp itself into clipping, but remember the amplifiers OUTPUT stages must clip to produce the unwanted voltage. Hope that helps. PS: To the person suggesting lowering the level in Audacity, it will not help. The signal is already dirty, Audacity will just turn it down some, creating headroom compression, sounding even worse.
  18. I think a lot of people have just "heard" that about peel and seal falling off. I live in Mississippi, and we used it before all of the other brands came out, when Dynamat was the only (expensive) game in town. I have used it in numerous cars, including in my own Ranger, and have never had an issue with it "falling off in summer months." It get ~ 100 degrees with 98% humidity here in the summer, for weeks on end. I believe the "falling off in summer months" is just marketing hype from the car audio vendors. As long as you do your prep work, you will have zero issues with peel and seal. It may not work the *best*, but it does work.
  19. This is a video of my 2 Level 3 12s. Hope you enjoy:
  20. It's really only 4.3 cubes after port and driver displacement. The port is still not large enough, though. I want to get it up around 140 square inches before I call it finished.
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