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  1. hey man i got some adapters that were for my ford explorer. they are 5x114 to expedition 5x135. they are basiclly brand new. i used them with some 23s.. they might have 50 miles on them. but i will tell you right now. one of the studs was damaged durring shipping, and it was replaced. i dont have any pics right now but i could get some tomorrow. if interested shoot me an email at [email protected] price is VERY VERY negotiable, or even trades..
  2. I can deffinetly understand where the cops are comming from. A LOT of people don't want to hear our bass, no matter what time it is.. and the low bass does travel a lot more than we think. So its up to us to be careful and cautious of where we play are systems at. Do I agree with it, no.. do we have to abide by it, yes..
  3. Around here it does not matter. The 2 tickets I got were for disturbing the peace.. first ticket was mids and highs. Second ticket was full on 144dbs. does not matter how loud you are. If they can hear it, its disturbing the peace..
  4. not quite sure. but soaking your hands in paint thinner, or mineral spirts? or maybe some industrial cleaner..
  5. there is still one store that is opened in Greenville Michigan. the store is a non profit store, and operates like a farmers market. caregivers show up with goods, licensed users by the goods, store gets no cut..
  6. 800w rms, 5000w peak, what ever that means. O_o I seriously spit out some of my red bull when I read that. Lol that is funny as hell. And I'm with ya on that. About whatever that means. Lol
  7. Well the audio isn't a problem at all.. I'm trying to download some videos of semi trucks drag racing with 2 log trailers going up hill... intense to say the least... ooh and a video of a semitruck drag racing a saleen mustang up hill and beating it...
  8. Its pretty good. Slow at somtimes. But still pretty dependable. And if I connect to (sprint)4g. I can open this forum in the desktop version and the page will be fully loaded in under 15-20 seconds..
  9. Is it possible to download videos off from youtube? There are some videos I would like to show a buddie of mine that lives out in the sticks. No internet. And barley any phone service.
  10. I will listen to whatever has a good sound to it and good lyrics. It can be country to dub step and everything in between. I like it all
  11. I am in love with this minivan...
  12. I'm down for a free t shirt. Liked and commented. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  13. Maybe now is not the right time for you 2. No matter what stay in touch. Because you never know what tomorrow brings...
  14. Hell yea. Good luck. And make sure you take some vids...
  15. Now if your car was running, and you only had 13.2. That might be a problem. Hahaha
  16. The better resting voltage you have, is good. My resting voltage is 12.4. And I have 2 of the biggest optima yellow tops they make..
  17. Haha don't feel bad. I didn't even know it was possible to upload a picture via bluetooth
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