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  1. A friend is offering me his T1500.1bdcp for $300 Would you buy it for that price?
  2. SnowDrifter.. I would love to read through that full article. Is the whole thing available somewhere?
  3. And another thing. If she was going roughly 50mph for 3 minutes, how much ground did she cover being a bitch in the fast lane.
  4. I completely agree. From watching the video, there is plenty of time for her to get over and let him by, and get back in the left lane. She was in the left lane for 3 minutes and there was what like almost a minute where you did not see any vehicle in the right lane. If she would have got over right when he got behind, there would be no problem at all. But she has to be a bitch and block him because she can.. what IF the guy just had a family member die, or wife in labor. You never know... I drive 200+ miles a day for work. And I see this shit WWAAYYYY to fucking often..
  5. KRONOS!!!! we use that same system at work I would just like to take the time and say FUCK Kronos. Thank you for your time.
  6. damn that thing is alot bigger than the little wanna suv she was driving..
  7. shit. i got 2 brand new T1 15s out of the box, and put them in, hooked them up to a T1500.1bdcp (1820 rms) and slammed them full tilt right away, no problems..
  8. hey man, i know what your talking about, and i an still see the "Full Version" on my phone. im on a android Evo 3D. so maybe an issue with your phone?
  9. yupp cpt morgan it is. im too fucking broke for yager. i spent the last $ to my name on cpt. he is always here for me in the rough times..
  10. gonna be one of those nights. me and the old lady are done for and i'm having a hard time coping with it. so i'm gonna see how quick i can finish this bottle..
  11. yea. and with there being soo many officers involved. its just crazy.
  12. they make them, i have some in my doors right now. i got them from a local car audio shop.. google it, i am sure you would find something.
  13. it can with some of the older harsh waxes.. but nowadays there are so many regulations on chemicals, that you really dont have t worry about it. i think...
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